1. O

    Loft aerial help / boosters etc

    Trying to help a relative with their loft aerial and booster setup to solve a TV signal issue. All had been fine with their setup until earlier this year then they could only receive scrambled Freeview channels. Their setup was like this Loft Aerial > loft Booster Distributer with mains plug...
  2. Ianfromnotts

    For Sale Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 aerial and ASUS VDLS DSL-N16 router

    Poynting 4G-XPOL-A0001 Indoor/Outdoor Cross Polarised 4G LTE Omni Antenna - £50 delivered uk I dont have the orginal box or packaging just the mountings for window, wall or pole. Technical Specification Gain (Max) 2.5 dBi Gain (Nominal) 2.0 dBi Input Frequency 790 – 960, 1710 – 2170, 2300 –...
  3. S

    Satellite dish with no cable outlet.

    Can anyone help me. I've just moved house which has a satellite dish to the exterior but no outlet to plug a Freesat box into. I have attached a pic of what is available but aren't these both Ariel outlets? If so it would mean there is 3 intotal just for one room.
  4. canada16uk

    Sony XH9505 Freesat in aerial connection?

    I've just seen online that my new XH9505 arriving tomorrow possibly has Freesat, but my problem is this... Its going in my bedroom and in the wall has a standard Aerial connection which looks like it's for freeview. Is there a way of getting Freesat running a coax cable on end and a TV...
  5. W

    Budget External 4g Mobile Aerial / Antenna for Router

    Has anybody tried any budget external Antenna's they could recommend? I'll only be using it as failover on the occasional basis and ideally would want something I could just feed cables through the window when I need it as oppossed to drilling holes in the wall, we're a bungalow with a flat...
  6. bl0ckev

    TV for bedroom (no Aerial)

    Are there any disadvantages of buying a smart monitor vs. a TV other than the lack of no aerial socket? Its for my daughters bedroom and there's no need for an aerial so long as usual channels can be streamed and it has the apps for netflix, Disney+, Prime etc...
  7. M

    Richer Sounds Sony TV Repair Aerial Socket - Warranty Issues

    Hi all, I wanted to share my experience of trying to get my TV repaired. For a bit of background, it's within warranty (just under 3 years old), and I've kept it in mint condition. Never had a problem with it (or any TV previously for that matter). I wanted to dust behind my TV unit, so I did...
  8. 3

    Virgin TV through existing aerial cable

    Hi, I understand virgin uses the same coax cable as tv aerial though obviously the signal is different. To avoid Virgin running drilling through my external walls, is it possible to feed the virgin signal down my existing connection? Would I need to change the connections at the sockets? I...
  9. grnnvrzz

    TV aerial in loft

    Hi there, I have an aerial in my loft in the UK, I purchased it over 10 years ago. Its connected to a HDHomeRun CONNECT QUATRO with the storage for recordings on my Synology NAS. I then watch TV via plex across my ethernet network. Anyway, the picture is pretty good, but it breaks up or pauses...
  10. L

    Loft Aerial Help!

    Can somebody help please! Does anybody know what aerial this is? I am getting a rubbish signal and have no idea how to fix it! TIA
  11. deliairj

    Wrong aerial type for my TV? Which adapter do I need?

    I have just moved into a new flat and the aerial cables are not the same as in previous properties and don’t fit my TV. They have a very thin wire and I believe they are for sky/freesat type boxes but we don’t have these. I need an adapter to make this fit a standard TV aerial but I’m going...
  12. G


    Good Morning I am thinking of installing a wall mounted TV in my dining room. However, I do not have a wall socket for the aerial in that room. Would you advise to buy an internal aerial or would you use a lead to connect to the external aerial (on the roof) ? Thanks
  13. Hannah118

    TV aerial connection - help needed

    Hey! I’m going to sound really dumb, but no amount of internet searching has been able to help me. I’m trying to connect my tv to what I think is the tv aerial, but I’m not sure what connector I need. There is no socket, it’s just a cable coming out of the wall, and it has two male ends, rather...
  14. H

    Tv aerial freeview

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help. I’ve moved into a new place and am trying to figure out what cable I should buy to connect my tv to the satellite dish for freeview. After hunting around I found what I think are the connections feeding into the living room (please see...
  15. S

    Lost channel confusion

    Hi all, we have a B&O TV with freeview and for some reason about a week ago a bunch of channels got patchy, very pixelated or no signal. Some channels were functioning perfectly. Oddly this seemed to be worst on the BBC channels, ITV and channel 4 seem to be fine. I tried a channel update, this...
  16. Rudzki

    Aerial Woes

    Evening all, I'm having great difficulty with my living room TV and getting it tuned in to Freeview. The TV is wall mounted above an (unused gas) fireplace and the RF socket is on the wall directly above the TV next to two mains plugs. The problem I am having is that as soon as the TV is...
  17. D

    No aerial, but I have digital channels. How?

    The only input into the distribution amp in the loft is an uplink from the lounge which has no device supplying it, yet I can tune in digital channels. As soon as I connect my Humax Foxsat HDR to the uplink via Triax Tri-link RF out the digital channels are no longer available, only the...
  18. A

    Aerial Splitter Causing Bad Reception

    Hello I have recently put up a good aerial on my house. The cable comes into the loft, through a splitter, which leads to a bedroom and living room. Living room reception is pretty good, it's a Sony A8. Bedroom reception, not so good, it's a 2012 Samsung F8000. I only have a cheap...
  19. ahaydock

    65OLED805/806 TV Aerial Input?

    I’ll be buying the 65OLED806 later this year, but having my living room done next week and want to think about cables whilst I can access the trunking before it’s plastered over and the tv etc back in place. The Phillips site says ‘Service Connector‘ under Connections. I assume this is the TV...
  20. M

    New Build flat - TV aerial and Freeview - How do I ?

    Hi, I have moved into a new build flat and the wall socked is as shown in the attached image. I have also attached a picture of the back of the TV. 1. Can someone guide what each socket is for? 2. I do not have Sky or other box and want to receive only Freeview/ Freesat. Which socket in the...
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