Bizarre aerial issue

    Hello all, I have posted before about this but I am still no closer to a resolution... I live in a new build home, I have now been here a year. I have multipoint aerial points in several rooms, most of which work with very little issue. My house is 3 storey and the rooms at the top seems to...
  2. jsilv

    Silly question but struggling to get antenna connected

    We’ve just moved into a new property and it might seem silly but the antenna doesn’t fit into the slot on our Samsung TV. What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to fit in? It seems like both pieces are like the same size so won’t fit in to one another… pictures attached. any help much...
  3. Grimmi68

    How to find out which coax cable is coming from my aerial

    Hi. I have no signal from a downstairs aerial wall point and have been up to the eaves of the house to try to sort this out. There are several coax cables up there with F-type connectors on them. I have a Labgear LDA2061LR up there and i thought i had to input and the outputs sorted out, but i...
  4. T

    VHF aerial

    What is the best sort of indoor aerial for old fashioned VHF FM radio reception in the UK? (not DAB or anything else)
  5. K

    aerial antena advice..

    hi.. in one big building its just 1 aerial anntenna on the roof with the cable to communal area..on the building its 8 tv point , all come to the communal interested to buy good booster , or what they call to give good signals to all this tv point..its just for aerial , not for satelite...
  6. S

    Aerial no signal

    Hi all, please could someone help me out, had a pig of a day trying to get my new LG C1 tv a signal from a new aerial and booster in the loft. My aerial is Lab450T Booster 4 way SLX with IR Bypass. Moved in to a new build last week and today have been installing the Aerial and booster in the...
  7. mr_yogi

    Samsung UE43AU8000 Does It Need An Aerial?

    Hi, I'm Looking for a bit of advice regarding smart TV's, and in particular the Samsung 43AU8000. My daughter wants a TV for her bedroom, but there is no TV aerial in her room. Can you hook up a network cable and access live TV via the iPlayer type apps on the TV, as you can on a PC web browser...
  8. F

    OLED TV worth buying if I only have an aerial (UK)

    Hi, sorry I am not that technically gifted but I have been saving ages to buy a pretty future proof TV. They have come on so much with 3D, 4K, Curved screens with varying degrees of success or failure. For me, personally watching 95% TV and 5% gaming, I think the current OLED TV's are about as...
  9. W

    Freeview receiver getting high strength but zero quality signal with aerial

    I'm using this Teknikal DVB-T2 receiver : And this August DTA240 aerial : It's a portable setup. I regularly get a very high strength signal but always zero quality. I've tried getting a signal in a few places near my home in Fife and two different places in England. I've only tried an auto...
  10. Omits

    Need a Radio with Aerial socket. Any?

    Looking on Amazon could not find a compact full function Radio. Non have an aerial socket just the telescopic which is no use for me as I want it on a shelf and reception is patchy. what's the matter with manufacturers who make a nice unit but leave out this option? Willing to spend 100 - 150...
  11. dilligaf1976

    What TV Aerial?

    What TV aerial should I get. Do you receive more channels if you have an aerial with a wider frequency range?
  12. Y

    A R 303 aerial rotator

    Dear forum members I have a aerial Rotator But the plug fell off But the trouble is I can’t rewire the plug because it doesn’t have wires It has continental two prongs
  13. C

    Aerial Help

    Hi All, New here. I'm in the process of changing from Virgin Media to a freeview box - long overdue. However, I'm struglling with the comaptitibilty of my old aerial setup and the new box. Attached are photos - I feel like I need a new adapter from the splitter to attach the new aerial cable...
  14. chippyteaforme

    Do we even need aerial sockets in bedrooms now?

    Odd title I know! I'm currently decorating upstairs. I've already (during previous decorating) removed telephone sockets and wiring from upstairs. No longer required in the modern broadband and cordless phone age (and Openreach disconnected them all ages ago during FTTC broadband installation...
  15. reeceado

    setting up signal amp

    Hi Wondering if anyone could help me a family friend has asked me to set up some TVs at their house. they have the aerial going into a very old sky box ( I believe its apace sky digibox 2300) which then goes out via RF to a Tvlink f140 4 distribution amp, this is then split to different...
  16. E

    Panasonic aerial help

    I recently bought a new Panasonic TV (TX-40JX800BZ. I don’t have an external (roof) aerial so bought an internal one so I can access terrestrial channels however the aerial doesn’t fit the aerial socket on the back of the TV (the socket is too small) Any help/ advice very welcome! Photos included :)
  17. M

    JVC R-K100L Stereo Receiver aerial ?

    Hi, I have an old JVC system from my parents loft. What type of aerial do I need and how do I connect it. Also what does the pull out ferrite bar achieve? Trying to refurb it all and keep it going if possible. Thanks
  18. T

    Aerial Issues

    Dear experts, I'm looking for some advice re Freeview reception and aerials. I live in a Georgian mid-terrace building made up of nine flats. On the roof is an aerial (pictured below through my alarmingly mucky Velux window!). Using Google Maps I've determined that it's pointing...
  19. J

    New Freeview/Freesat TV + PVR but no aerial

    Hi all Excuse a potentially very stupid question but I'm technically hopeless. I have researched but quite frankly I'm ending up more confused than ever! I currently have TV via Virgin Media with a TiVo. However, I'm about to dump Virgin and not sure where to start with buying replacements. I...
  20. H

    Simple Question I Hope - Freeview without an Aerial

    Sorry, I'm at a loss what to think. My parents have no aerial or Dish. They currently piggyback off neighbours Aerial but want to avoid this as soon as possible plus the signal is pathetic due to their location I am trying to find a Freeview Play Recorder box (they love to record stuff) that...
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