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  1. M

    Any aerial geeks?

    Just moved house and the new property has, what looks like, two aerials attached to the chimney breast. The top aerial looks (to me) like a traditional TV aerial, but can anyone tell me what the other (lower) aerial is? I'm guessing it might be for radio? Inside the property there are two aerial...
  2. AmokTime

    Stonehenge for the 'Time Poor' - DJI Air 3

    Hi All - Cut down version of my previous vid. If you would consider subscribing that would be genuinely appreciated as that would really help out... plus you'll get to see stuff that is, frankly way more interesting than this vid ;) Thankyou...
  3. Ian Collen

    Discussion thread: DJI unveils Avata 2 FPV drone

    Read the news: DJI unveils Avata 2 FPV drone As immersive as a James Cameron sequel? This new first-person view experience promises improved picture quality and longer flight times, along with some fun high-speed aerial trickery.
  4. S

    Question Aerial problem ( I think ! )

    Hello I have a rooftop TV aerial, and a splitter which enables an aerial socket in the lounge and a bedroom. In the lounge the TV has suddenly stopped working, with a message on screen saying ' no signal ', but if I take the TV up to the bedroom it is still working there OK. I don't have any...
  5. Ken Bass2

    Question Advice re internal FM aerial

    Dear all Can anyone suggest a decent – and affordable – internal aerial for FM radio? Here's the situation: home is floor 3 of a tower block, so no possibility of any external antenna location is Seaforth – the northern end of Liverpool's docks area tuner = Arcam Alpha 7 with 75ohm coax socket...
  6. SteveLNB

    Question Samsung TV with aerial connector - but need a satellite connection

    hello all - i have a Samsung TV with an aerial connection but i only have a dish and a coax cable. i want to watch live terrestrial TV via Freeview or Freesat. (Samsung UE43CU7100 (2023) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with TVPlus) can i buy an adapter to use between TV aerial connector and coax...
  7. T

    Multiroom TV (No Sky) I want to watch terrestrial TV in multi-rooms with no aerial extension rather a solution using Wifi

    After 25 years I have cancelled my Sky subscription, the reason being its expensive for what you actually get these days, previously you had to have Sky or not watch anything decent etc. I currently have multi-room with Sky and that works very well and I am wanting a system that functions the...
  8. Flashy

    Help me understand TV/sat wiring/distribution in new house

    Sorry, this will be a bit long… I’ve just moved to a property with a TV aerial and satellite dish. There are seven faceplates like the below (four in living room, two in dining room, one in main bedroom) and aerial sockets in the other three bedrooms. I can’t test the satellite connection...
  9. Robf84

    Panasonic TX32d302b sound no picture

    Hi my mum has sound and no picture on the tv . There is no hdmi cables connected only the aerial. I have tried a reset by unplugging and re plugging the power cord.
  10. A

    Issues with satellite dish and aerial antenna. Help!

    Hello everyone. I just moved to a house with a satellite dish and an aerial antenna but I have problems receiving Freesat channels. Trying to tune Freesat channels, I finally got them in the living room by connecting the TV to the aerial antenna wall connector and using a TV booster (Wolsey...
  11. A

    Question TV aerial is driving me mad - help would be hugely appreciated

    I will spare you the full story but I have just moved into a new house and have had endless issues trying to set up a tv in our kitchen/extension. I have overcome most of the issues to date but am now stuck. Current position is as follows: TV is set up with cable (A) running from TV to wall...
  12. R

    Question Aerial for Freeview HD TV

    I have a new QLED Samsung TV connected to a very old aerial in the loft for Freeview and a Sky Dish for Freesat. On the same channel, the Freesat picture is much sharper than the Freeview picture. Would a new aerial improve the Freeview signal to the same quality? If so, what sort of aerial...
  13. K

    Shotgun aerial to freeview

    Hi, I recently moved into a new house which has a satellite dish outside and a twin shotgun cable inside. I've got a TV with a standard aerial socket which I'd like to watch Freeview on and was wondering what the best way to do that is? The house hasn't got a freeview aerial so is there an...
  14. S


    I have a Sony Bravia TV. It has the ITVX app installed. When trying to use the app, Im asked to tune in to an aerial, or cable. ( neither of which I have). It does not seem to have the option to use internet, unlike netflix amazon, disney + etc. All of which automatically use an internet...
  15. 6

    Question Humax PVR9300T

    I have two 9300T on different TVs and each feed from a separate aerial, they are both now going into 'Loader Application' on a regular basis and in fact one did it 3 times within an hour. In the past I contacted Humax who told me to erase the HDD which of course meant that I lost all my...
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