1. SonicShadow

    For Sale Xbox Wireless Adapter (New Version)

    Selling a Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter. Comes with official box although the box is ripped off at the top. No Cap. Sent through Royal Mail.
  2. jaybee84

    For Sale 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2 for Switch

    Bought this to use my Xbox Series X pad on my Switch and ended up never using it. Features & details Wide compatibility range: Works with all 8BitDo Bluetooth controllers and arcade sticks, Xbox One Bluetooth controller,PS5 DualSense DualShock 3, DualShock 4, DualShock 4 Pro, Wii Remote, Wii...
  3. B

    For Sale Carista ODB 2 Customisation & Diagnostics Adapter iOS/Android

    Changing car so moving this on. ODB 2 adapter for VAG cars and some others.
  4. T

    For Sale Original Steam Deck AC Adapter, £35

    £40 delivered or nearest offer. Very good condition, never left the house, some very small marks.
  5. SuperSquirrel

    For Sale Xbox Controller Wireless Adapter (new version)

    Selling Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 (new version). Some marks on the housing, as seen. No cap or box. Sent via Royal Mail.
  6. F

    Ruark R2i Bluetooth adapter compatibility

    I bought a cheap iWave Bluetooth 5.1 adapter to use with my R2i but it does not seem to be compatible, it never gets beyond "iPod Connecting"; the adapter itself is fine, it works with a different iPod base that I have. An iPod works fine on the Ruark, and the adapter also fails to connect on a...
  7. E

    Power line adapter with 3 phase

    Hi, I know this is prop ably a very unusual question but would a power line adapter work in my shed, this is on a different phase than the house and I’m unsure but doubtful. Appreciate your help :)
  8. S

    For Sale Sonnet Tech Dual Displayport Adapter for M1 and M2 Macs - £150

    As title, purchased in June 2022 - Gives you 2 extra displays on your M1 or M2 Mac. Will throw in 2 displayport cables too if you need them. Reason for sale - moved back to a dual screen setup with my M1 mini and...
  9. LittleNipper

    For Sale USB -> AES Convertor ( Trends Audio DAC UD-10 with a Russ Andrews AC Adapter )

    I have a Trends Audio DAC UD-10 with a Russ Andrews AC Adapter. Comes with power bloc ( which you don't need if just converting ) A USB convertor ( the grey thing ) that you don't need if you have the correct cable. I was using it 'unpowered' to convert USB to AES as I did not need to use the...
  10. N

    Steering wheel control adapter ren master

    I have a 54 plate renault master mk2 120dci with a Source control on the wheel. I'm looking for a steering wheel control interface to install a new pioneer stereo. Struggling to find one for a mk2 van. Anyone installed one, what type?
  11. bobbymax

    Fritze-box plug question?

    Hope I have the correct forum for this question. I recently purchased a Fritzebox to replace the Vodafone one I have Unfortunatelly I cannot put the power plug into the socket on the wall where it is. The power socket that comes with it is too high to fit under the shelf I wish to put it onto...
  12. I

    2x 12v into 1 plug = blown 12v adapter?

    Ive got an Anker Powerstation 757, it has an XT60 plug on the back that is used to charge it via a 12/24v (10amps) car socket or 3 x 100w solar panels, via a 3 into 1 adapter. Being smart; i realised that if I use both my 12v sockets in my van I could, in theory, charge it up twice as fast as...
  13. R

    Ceiling mount adapter plate?

    I have a BenQ w1070 and a home made ceiling mount. Simple wooden pole with an MDF plate into a joist, and another for the mounting plate with holes drilled for the PJ If I replace the projector do I re-drill or take the opportunity and put either a universal mount on the ceiling plate or some...
  14. M

    Puretools eARC adapter help

    I've bought a Puretools eARC adapter second hand and can't seem to get it working. Can anyone help troubleshoot this before I return it? As...
  15. Rogier51

    Best wireless adapter for Arendal 1723 1s sub

    As I’m in desperate need of a good sub I’m going for the Arendal 1723 1s. I need to drive the sub wireless so I’m looking for a good wireless adapter to connect to my pre-out. Any advise is more than welcome. Thanks in advance!
  16. lynx

    La crosse c83117 power adapter

    I'm trying to locate a wall wart power supply for a la crosse c83117. I require one 5.0V ac with a 90°. Unsure of the load but would assume 1A would be plenty.
  17. ThisWreckage

    Phone not charging via headphone adapter

    On my Blackview A90 I've tried two different types of USB-C wired earphone adapters that include a pass-through charging port. Neither charges the phone, although the audio comes through. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why, and is there a solution?
  18. Darmilatron

    Audio extractor - eARC to Oticon TV Adapter and soundbar

    I am trying to find a box that would take the place of ?? in the diagram below. My son has hearing aids and has a TV adapter which can only connect via TOSLink or RCA (Dolby Digital). I however, want to get Dolby's Atmos signal to the soundbar for the rest of the family. I have been looking on...
  19. Alps

    USB C adapter advice

    Guys, are these USB adapters suitable for connecting my iPhone and external drive to my M1 MBP? I know I can by a proper adapter with multiple slots, but right now I don't want too much clutter on the desk and saw these, which seem quite good as all I'll need to do is attach them to my existing...
  20. Clemenza

    Samsung S95B Ethernet Port to USB Adapter

    I’ve just acquired a Samsung S95B QD OLED Smart TV and am generally pleased with it. Still finding out about its operation and settings. However, I am disappointed at the Ethernet port is limited to 100 bps, especially as my broadband speed is 1gb. I have seen on YouTube that a usb adapter...
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