1. T

    Discussion: JZ2000 + active subwoofer

    Hi, does anyone use an active subwoofer with the JZ2000? I bought a Klipsch R-12SW (Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer | Klipsch) and connected it via the headphone/subwoofer outlet. I would like to now the settings you guys are using, what Hz cut-off and volume you choose on the TV, and what Hz and gain...
  2. orangebox

    Advice adding active sub to Denon MCD-R39DAB

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I finally got my Minx XL bookshelf Cambridge audio speakerssetup with my Denon M39. The problem is my Sub a Minx x300 is an active sub and I want the sub to work in the correct range and handle the crossover. My M39 only has one output available named sub and I'm...
  3. M

    Active bass speakers with a sub

    Hey, so this is kind of a speaker and sub question at the same time I guess. I've got mission 705a active bass speakers. They are Tri-wired (you can also bi wire them and feed the bass separately with a line in cable) and have a dial for adjusting the bass. What I'm wondering is if I'm running...
  4. Paul7777x

    Speaker mega bargain here guys.

    A pair of awesome active Adams here for a silly price. They wouldn’t be if I had the cash to grab them... 😔
  5. sykotik

    Active Optical HDMI 2.1 cable ( 7-10m )

    I need a HDMI 2.1 cable to use with my RTX 3070 GPU, and tv which is on the other side of the room but can't for the life of me find a 7/10 meter cable ( after some reading - you can't get one that long ) but their seems to be an "Active" optical 2.1 HDMI cables but are very expensive...
  6. L

    *White* Active HDMI Fiber Cable Recommendations?

    After learning the hard way that Active HDMI Fiber cables are uni-directional, I’m planning to run a new HDMI cable under some white wall trim in my home theater. Above the ceiling is not an option. To match the aesthetic, I’m looking for a reputable (certified) 30ft. Active HDMI Fiber cable in...
  7. Koolshab1

    Lost with subwoofer

    Sony av reciever was and subwoofer connect
  8. D

    Can I connect a Behringer mixer to my AVR for use of passive speakers instead of active ?

    Hi all, I have a Behringer Q1002USB mixer for internet radio & karaoke, now as my place is pretty smal, I am running low on space on what can go onto my small desks. What I was wondering is it possible to connect the mixer into either a AVR or Stereo Receiver via RCA and use the passive...
  9. A

    Question Budget active subwoofer with line-level pass through.

    Hi I am after an active subwoofer for use in my classroom at school and am after advice/recommendations. The present ‘system‘ consists of a laptop into a Temple Audio Stealth stereo power amp (single stereo RCA input/no volume control) and into a pair of JBL Control 1s. The speakers were spare...
  10. P

    Active ambient lighting strips with flush wall mounted tv

    I am considering the benefits of adding some ambient lighting to my tv. I have a Philips Bridge so their new gradient strip attracted my attention, albeit it seems very expensive so maybe another active system is more cost effective. My main concern however is that I have a Samsung qled tv that...
  11. MI55ION

    Question Active Studio Monitors for HT/Stereo - what's the consensus?

    My apologies if this has been addressed already, just something I've recently been giving thought to: it would seem to me that rather than hitting the sonic lottery partnering passive speakers to amps and hoping for a good result, are there merits in using actives and why aren't more people...
  12. K

    Question Newbie struggling with Yamaha WXC-50 and E5 active speaker set up

    Hi all Long time lurker here, but big fan of the great help and advice you are willing to share. I picked up recently a pair of Presonus Eris E5 active speakers, at a great price. I hooked them up to a CCA and after a bit of messing around, had things set up well. As they are set up in a...
  13. A

    Linn Klout and Keltik active cards?

    Hello, I've just bought a couple of Klouts from a deceased estate. They have Keltik boards fitted. I am looking for tips to remove them and what needs to be done to reinstate the klouts to non-active mode. Please can some one help. Many thanks
  14. Tokoloshe Man

    Question Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Twitter Notifications Silent

    Hi, I have the Samsung galaxy watch active 2 and have it set up to receive all notifications. Generally they come through fine, however Twitter notifications are always silent, i don't get any vibration or sound if i have that on. I only know they've come through by looking at the waych and...
  15. C

    Question which is the best and most reliable active display port 1.4 to hdmi 2.0 adapter?

    want to build a HTPC with an intel i3 10th gen. it seems nearly all boards have dp 1.4 and hdmi 1.4. obviously i need hdmi 2.0 for 4k hdr10. so i thought maybe use an active dp to hdmi adapter, as some boards with hdmi 2.0 seem to use an adapter on the motherboard anyway. trouble is this pc...
  16. B

    Active subwoofer

    Hi guys, i've got a philips 65OLED934, which i'm loving so far. Some reviewers have suggested that one flaw is the level of bass generated by the soundbar attached, and have recommended adding an active subwoofer to the setup to to deepen the bass element of the sound. Anyone added a subwoofer...
  17. Oily

    Question Hard wiring an active soundbar?

    Just wondering if you could hard wire an active soundbar to a AV receiver by bypassing the soundbars own electrics,i.e not being plugged in etc ? Just seen one on fleabay and wondered if it's feasible? Might open up my options if I can :)
  18. bones`

    Question AE1 active, share your experiences

    I always wanted a pair of the original AE1's but could never quite aford them back in the day. Now I find myself in the market for some compact speakers that will sit on a TV bench, not ideal but I'm not arranging my room around hifi like I have in the past. I am sorely tempted by the actives...
  19. markb1980

    Question Hive Active Heating

    Hi all, I am just about to install Hive Active Heating in the home and just wondering what is the most efficient way to have this set up? Currently with my standard heating system I have schedules set up in the winter and turn the heating off in the summer. Is there a more efficient way to run...
  20. J

    Changing the polarity on an active speaker set up.

    Hi All, I have recently gone aktiv, using Linn Espek 3 way speakers and three Linn amps. I thought this would end the need to tinker, but no.. Anyway I still feel something is missing and read that you can change the polarity (ie plug the positive into the negative on the back of your speaker)...
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