active subwoofer

  1. L

    Subwoofer recommendations needed... Never had one... Is it needed?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to get a subwoofer for my 6.1 system. I have a budget of about £100 but prefer cheaper. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  2. kalelzkryptonite

    Connecting ACTIVE speakers with no Sub out to an ACTIVE Subwoofer

    Hi All, I had a question regarding sub woofer connections and hoping to get some answers so that I can clarify my understanding. What I am struggling to understand is how to connect an Active powered Speakers to an Active Subwoofer, in a case where the active speaker doesn't have a sub out...
  3. M

    For Sale SOLD SVS SB-1000 active subwoofer black ash

    For sale brand new SVS SB-1000 subwoofer. Taken out from the box just to check if it's all working. Full set like from shop. Box, manuals etc. 5 years warranty. Black Ash. If paying by PayPal the buyer has to cover the charges.
  4. A

    Question Budget active subwoofer with line-level pass through.

    Hi I am after an active subwoofer for use in my classroom at school and am after advice/recommendations. The present ‘system‘ consists of a laptop into a Temple Audio Stealth stereo power amp (single stereo RCA input/no volume control) and into a pair of JBL Control 1s. The speakers were spare...
  5. B

    Active subwoofer

    Hi guys, i've got a philips 65OLED934, which i'm loving so far. Some reviewers have suggested that one flaw is the level of bass generated by the soundbar attached, and have recommended adding an active subwoofer to the setup to to deepen the bass element of the sound. Anyone added a subwoofer...
  6. L

    Active speakers able to connect directly to active sub?

    Hello Not sure Im posting this the right place, but here we go. Will I be able to plug my 2 Behringer B1031A directly into the output on an active Wharfedale WH-D10? Thanks
  7. G

    Active subwoofer reliability

    Hi all, I bought a Boston acoustics soundware XL subwoofer which died within a year and, unimpressed with the reliability, replaced it with a KEF C4 as I was told KEF were more reliable. However this one has now died a little after 2 years of use. I appreciate these aren't the most expensive...
  8. B

    Technics Su-x902 with a subwoofer

    Back with another question, similar to a question I had before. I was given lots of advice from people, however after realising some things, it may not work, so I am going to make sure. So i have a technics su-x902 amplifier. It has A and B speaker outputs. I want to use A with some cambridge...
  9. Thenoob123

    Question Connecting an active subwoofer and 2 bookshelf speakers to an AV receiver

    Hey there. I have a sony HT ST3: (page 6 for what connects) I was thinking of connecting a regular active subwoofer to it - but I'm unsure what cables I need and how to do it - a subwoofer like this: Evolution Audio...
  10. NJT

    Connecting Active Subwoofer to Marantz PM6005

    Hi all, I've been reading for quite a while and can't seem to find a good definitive answer on the following. Would I be able to connect my Cambridge p90 Active Sub through the Marantz PM6005 using one of the RCA Speaker outputs? I've never needed to use a amplifier before as I've only ever...
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