1. R

    ThinQ not recognizing Fat32 action camera USB Drive anymore, won't reformat either.

    I have an LG Nano ThinQ but I bought the year before last on Black Friday. The TV has been far from perfect because the HDMI audio sync fails when switching inputs and watching YouTube. Yesterday I tested out my new Akaso Brave 7 action camera. For the camera storage I purchased a SanDisk...
  2. cesar semir11

    Pink pill movie ?

    Hy all I have a question. I"m having trouble finding a movie. The period of the release is betwen 2012 and 2018. The main plot is: a guy in search of his younger, missing sister. In short the movie is in four chapters. A new drug came to the streets when she went missing, i"ts an pink exstasy...
  3. I


    Not really had much time this month, resting while recovering from a knee op, and then kids off school. However with the warm weather last week we did have the paddling pool out, so this is my Action shot of one of my kids "diving" into it. Splash by iWanders, on Flickr Levels changed a bit...
  4. A

    What's your favorite punisher type vigilante/revenge movie?

    Title says it all, but I'll give you some examples anyway: The Punisher Taken Law Abiding Citizen The Boondock saints Nobody The Equalizer Death Wish If you know any others that are good just write them down and I'll most likely watch em later. Thanks
  5. manohalf

    what is the name of this movie ?

    im looking for a movie that i saw a couple of years ago, in the movie robots that look like people kill humans I just remember one scene that the robot is punching a man on the ground pls helpp
  6. SFkilla

    Last Action Hero (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR/ES)

    Last Action Hero (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 02/06/2021 - 07/09/2021 06/10/2021 (Re-print) Status: Available to pre-order Last Action Hero (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 19/05/2021 Status: Available to pre-order
  7. Saltaflingor

    Hope you can help me, what movie am I thinking of!

    I have searched for this movie for many years... And I only remember small parts of the ending. Its an action hero villiain type of movie were the hero is trying to save his friend, love or family from the villain. Il split up the only three parts that I remember The villain has captuerd...
  8. M

    Windows 10 Action Centre not working

    I always keep Windows 10 up to date but I've recently noticed that the Action Centre has ceased to work. I click on the symbol in the extreme lower right hand corner of the screen and the box will not appear. A small menu appears but clicking on 'Open Action Centre' brings no results. Any ideas?
  9. terencejames

    Question Voice control action cam

    Does anyone have any recommendations for voice controlled action cameras? I'm off to Florida in August so would love to be able to capture everything without fiddling with the buttons. I've been looking at the GoPro hero white but seen some iffy reviews about the picture quality. Some of the...
  10. raigraphixs

    The Little Mermaid - Live Action Disney (TBC)

    Zendaya reportedly offered the lead role, film still in very early stages. I'm looking forward to the other live action adaptations like Dumbo, The Lion King, Mulan, etc, more than this. i'm more interested now than i was :blush:
  11. barnaby jones

    Cold Pursuit Aka Hard Powder (22nd Feb 2019)

    Just when you thought you’d had enough of seeing Liam Neeson shuffling about on public transport, karate chopping people on the neck, along comes ..... 'Hard Powder' is the Liam Neeson Snowplow Action Movie You've Been Waiting For Emmy Rossum & Laura Dern co star. Norwegian, Hans Petter Moland...
  12. barnaby jones

    Lady & The Tramp (Nov) Disney+

    The animated classic looks set to be the next live action adaptation from Disney. Charlie Bean (Lego Ninjago Movie) is currently in the directors chair.
  13. raigraphixs

    Bleach Live Action (TBC)

    Upcoming Japanese film produced by Warner Bros, based on the manga series of the same name by Tite Kubo. Directed by Shinsuke Sato. The film will star Sota Fukushi, best known for portraying the protagonist of Kamen Rider Fourze, as the main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki. It is set to be...
  14. A

    Which action cam?

    Hi, I am going on a holiday of a lifetime in September and have made the decision to invest in an action cam of some kind. I could get a go pro but I'm not sure I will get the long term use for the outlay. With the go pro are the attachments extra? Some of the budget cams seem to review...
  15. Toldya

    Question Female lead action movie

    Hi everyone, I saw a trailer on a youtube for a movie several weeks ago and I was pretty sure that I had save the link in my favorites in order to watch it later... Well, I didn't do it so I'm asking for your help to find this movie. As the title of my post said, it was basically a female lead...
  16. raigraphixs

    Astro City - live action series (TBC)

    The producer of Neil Gaiman's American Gods series, FremantleMedia North America, has acquired the rights to a superhero comic book series Astro City. Their plan in to develop it as an epic live-action TV drama series. ‘Astro City’ TV Series Based On Comics In Works At FremantleMedia North America
  17. horseypix

    THE RAREST DATEL ACTION REPLAY EVER Action Replay PC for Windows 95/98 (1998)

    found this in my dads garage, cant find it anywhere online not even a pic, anybody know how much its worth?
  18. N

    Problems with action camera playback

    I recently used an action camera for the first time and can't get the playback to be smooth. The recording settings were 720P60FPS and the card is a Samsung 32 EVO Plus with a 1 inside a U which is class 10, right? I've tried a couple of computers to playback. With drone videos in the past...
  19. N

    Action camera questions

    Hi, I want to get an action camera less expensive than a gopro and so far like the Dragon Touch Vision 3 4K for about $60 but on a Youtube they said it will only record for 10 minutes. They said all those type cameras are that way....they'll only record for 10 minutes at a time. You can record...
  20. Iron Tusk

    AKASO EK7000 4K memory card?

    I have never used one of these before so sorry if I am asking an obvious question... What is the difference between the memory cards? They seem to vary in price but i`m not sure if they are all compatible. The kingston one was the one I was going to buy...
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