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  1. R

    ThinQ not recognizing Fat32 action camera USB Drive anymore, won't reformat either.

    I have an LG Nano ThinQ but I bought the year before last on Black Friday. The TV has been far from perfect because the HDMI audio sync fails when switching inputs and watching YouTube. Yesterday I tested out my new Akaso Brave 7 action camera. For the camera storage I purchased a SanDisk...
  2. lirana

    Mini f9 DVR switch off problem

    Hey everyone. I just bought the action camera and used it few times everything was working perfectly. Now when i switch the camera on its switch off by itself. if the camera is plugged it everything work normally. Any ideas 💡?
  3. marktv88

    Using Action Cam to LiveStream on Facebook

    Hi everyone, new forum user here. I'm a DJ and with all of us being locked inside at the moment I'd like to livestream the odd set from my living room. I can just use my iPhone and an iRig or something similar, but I have a mokacam alpha S and I'd rather use that if possible. I have a macbook...
  4. T

    Best Action Cam in 2019 from China (under 200 AUD)

    Hello, guys (and ladies of course), I would like to know your opinion about Chinese action cameras. Do you have any experiences with a camera from brands like Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM, Eken, etc.? Can you compare it with more established brands like GoPro, DJI...? I am searching for the best value...
  5. N

    Problems with action camera playback

    I recently used an action camera for the first time and can't get the playback to be smooth. The recording settings were 720P60FPS and the card is a Samsung 32 EVO Plus with a 1 inside a U which is class 10, right? I've tried a couple of computers to playback. With drone videos in the past...
  6. N

    Action camera questions

    Hi, I want to get an action camera less expensive than a gopro and so far like the Dragon Touch Vision 3 4K for about $60 but on a Youtube they said it will only record for 10 minutes. They said all those type cameras are that way....they'll only record for 10 minutes at a time. You can record...
  7. Iron Tusk

    AKASO EK7000 4K memory card?

    I have never used one of these before so sorry if I am asking an obvious question... What is the difference between the memory cards? They seem to vary in price but i`m not sure if they are all compatible. The kingston one was the one I was going to buy...

    Best available 4K action camera under 150 pounds?

    Hi guys. I`m looking for new action camera, that wont smash my bank...Most important is to record Native 4K at 30 fps. Cheers
  9. neskitty

    Help identifiying unknown connector/camera

    Hello, My father recently found an action camera on the side of the road and surprisingly, it worked well. The problem is that it ran out of battery and we are not able to tell which connector type it has and it has no brand either. Getting any info on the type of camera we have would make...
  10. Omits

    Action Camera Advice Sought.

    I have two requirements: a. to have something light and portable to take instant videos when out walking to capture unusual events and holiday stuff. need to get stills for holiday snaps. Must be able to take it through customs and airport security and price not an issue. b. something which...
  11. T

    Just bought a Gopro Session

    Hi People, I am Don, new to this forum and have been on many before with lengthy threads with each having their pros and cons. I have just started my new youtube channel for people to see my work. I love tech and spend too much money on it but have bought lots of gear whilst I learn how to use...
  12. J

    Found a cost-effective camera: wimius action camera

    I come across wimius action camera sale on slickdeals by accident, it's really cheap, only for about $42, should I buy one as a gift for my brother who lives in America?
  13. TheNameIsJambo

    Motorcycle Action Cam Advice

    Hi all, I was looking for advice in regards to action cameras. I am specifically looking for one which I can mount to either: 1) A motorcycle. Most secure - Affixed to the frame/handlebars. 2) A motorcycle helmet. Least secure - Glued to your lid? Or affixed somehow. I've got no experience...
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