1. Bailzebub

    Denon x2300W and Boston Acoustics soundware sub issues/low output on LFE channel even when audyssey set.

    What's most likely to have failed here? The Sub channel on the AVR itself, or the amp in the Sub? There's very little sound being outputted to the sub when i run the configuration, and test the speaker levels manually. Some "depth" just isn't there anymore, although there is some sound/bass...
  2. H

    Question Q acoustics 3050i vs Teufel

    I'm helping my dear mother shop around for a good price/performance ratio home cinema setup. We already have a decent sub and denon 2600 AV receiver, and a couple of upfiring atmos speakers. We now just need a pair of floorstanding speakers, center, and a rear pair. Having bought Q acoustics 5.1...
  3. J

    Question Looking for a second hand soundbar for less than £450 with an emphasis on music. Monitor Audio ASB10 / Q Acoustics M4 / Dali etc

    Evening all, Due to a lack of funds and now not working, im selling my Sony STR DN1080 amplifier to replace it with a decent second hand soundbar. I’ll be looking at buying second hand due to the above situation. I currently have a Kef 3005 setup in my main lounge which is great for movies...
  4. MickEire

    Question xxls400 or Q acoustics QB12 , first real sub advice coming from a logitech z5500 !

    Hi, Looking for a sub to complete my first real av system, room is about 12X18 ft. Have q acoustics 3050 for front left and right, 3090ci for center, 3010 for rear left and right and 7000i for atmos. Denon 2700 just arrived yesterday :) :) I have narrowed it down to the xxls400 or the q...

    For Sale Amazing Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands in Piano Black

    My amazing Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands in Piano Black. The Beethoven Baby Grand has two reflex-loaded 150mm woofers, a 150mm midrange and a 28mm hand-coated silk dome tweeter. The front baffle is an impressive 40mm thick Medite, which should keep everything firmly in its place. The...
  6. K

    My New Home Theater Q Acoustics feels dull when I compare with Harman Kardon HKTS 9

    Hi Team, I have new home theater with below specifications, and my friend has Harman Kardon as specified below, my friends room space is same as mine as we live in same apartment, my friends sound system feels mind blowing, same like high end theaters, but mine feels like less bass, dull not...
  7. Meyrick Man

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3010 -Graphite

    Q Acoustics 3010 in Graphite Boxed As New
  8. leemoon

    For Sale For Sale Q Acoustics Concept 20 pair + Concept 20 Centre

    Selling these due to upgrade, in immaculate condition purchased Sept 2019 never been driven hard. Unfortunately without original boxes, however they will be shipped via APC on a next day tracked service in protective packing and super strong shipping boxes. Shipping cost TBC postcode dependent...
  9. dark1511

    Wanted q acoustics speakers

    looking for q acoustics 2000 series speakers or speaker, 2010i pair or one,center speaker 2000ci,may consider 2020i,thanks
  10. colinstone

    REW - Room Acoustics Software and Microphone

    I've downloaded REW - REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software, just out of curiosity to have a bit of an investigation of my room acoustics. I have the Marantz NR1711 AVR _- NR1711 which comes with Audyssey and a microphone for the AVR to do the room audio calibration. Does anyone know of...
  11. craig808

    Question ISO Acoustics Gaia - good looking placebo or actually an improvement?

    As the title suggests really - I was wondering what people who have used them actually think. Do you get any noticeable gains in SQ or are they just a nice looking and expensive way to throw away the best part of £400? So far, everything that I have read suggests that they do actually make a...
  12. P

    Dali Zensor 1 v Q Acoustics 3010?

    Anyone got a view on which would work best with an old Aiwa C30/P30 combo? I like clear, detailed presentation over thumping bass and these would be used mostly for streaming rather than cd or vinyl. Would love to hear what you think!
  13. D

    For Sale Q Acoustics 7000 Home Cinema Speakers x 5 with Q Acoustics Glass Stands x 4

    I Have my 5 x Q Acoustic Speakers and 4 x Q Acoustics Glass Speaker Stands for sale. The 5th speaker is the centre speaker so doesn't have / need a stand. I have stock images at the moment but can take pictures of mine if interested. They're all in very good / as new condition and only reason...
  14. darrenhaken

    Thinking of upgrading Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 to Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 - is it worth it?

    I currently own the Tannoy Mercury v4 5.0 sound system which I use mainly for home cinema. I was looking to add a subwoofer to the system and I have seen the Q Acoustic QB12 recommended in a lot of places. This led me to consider upgrading my entire setup to the 3500i with the QB12 subwoofer...
  15. Alter3go

    Boston Acoustics SA1 Subwoofer Amplifier for a center channel?

    I know it's labeled as a subwoofer amplifier, but is there any reason it can't power a center channel? At 140W @ 8ohms it seems perfect to power my ELAC Debut 2.0 C6.2.
  16. S

    Q acoustics 3020 for surround?

    Hi I own the 3020, I am thinking of using them for the rear speakers in a 5.1 set up. And going with the 3020i for front and 3090Ci for centre. Will the 3020 act as good surround speakers? Or are they too big? And to be mounted on the Q Acoustics brackets?
  17. W

    Q acoustics and bk xls2000 sub

    Hi there I currently have a q acoustics m4 soundbar and am looking to beast it up a little but I don't know what sub to go for. Would a bk xls200 sub be too much for this soundbar/ would it work? The soundbar has a sub out port in the back that looks like a single aux cable. I know nothing of...
  18. M

    Banana plugs for Q Acoustics

    Hi, I have just acquired some speaker cable terminated with banana plugs and wanted to test in a secondary dormer room system with some Q Acoustics 2010i speakers but the binding posts are in an odd place on these speakers and the holes for the wire or plugs are vertically aligned if that makes...
  19. PbP42

    Q Acoustics speakers

    So I'm planning to purchase a few Q Acoustics speakers. Centre: 3090ci Fronts: 3020 Surrounds: 3010 or 3020 My question: is it OK to mix "i" versions of the 3000 series range ( e.g. 3090ci) with non "i" versions? Will they sound different tonally? If so, is it significant enough that I...
  20. MickEire

    Jamo or Q Acoustics with Sony 1080 amp, improving audio in living room - first system, need help !!! :)

    I'm looking to upgrade my current audio setup for something better, i am currently using a logitech z5500 which has served me well and has a room shaking subwoofer but is limited quality wise and is just a pc speaker system at the end of the day. Originally i was looking at getting a jamo s807...
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