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  1. fallinlight

    For Sale Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen

    Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 103.3" 16:9 Acoustically Transparent/ AT Screen £700 Purchased on here in January of this year for £800. High end screen. A few areas of damage to 2 of the vertical frames where some of the black fabric has come away, but not noticeable in use/ from seating...
  2. D

    Mounting a fixed acoustically transparent screen

    Evening all I am mounting my AT screen onto a baffle wall. I would like to be able to remove the screen to give me easy access to the speakers and also access a door in the baffle wall. Has anyone else done this and if so what screen and frame did you use and how did you mount it to the wall so...
  3. C

    Are there acoustically transparent retractable ceiling mount screens designed for UST projectors?

    As per the title. I am putting together my current home cinema setup and I have prepared it in such a way that I could potentially have a UST projector added later where the screen rolls down to cover the TV and speakers. I am not planning to do this just yet but I am curious what's available...
  4. fallinlight

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and or frame for AT Screen build - London or will pay for transport of screen

    Handyman wanted to build home cinema frontstage and frame for AT Screen build - London SW11 area - or will pay for transport of screen What I want built: Screen: A 92.5" 2.40:1 screen. If stretching material over myself is easy, I can do this. Or, I would be happy to try spandex or a suitable...
  5. thehomecinemaengineer

    DIY acoustically transparent screen HOW TO IMPROVE BLACK LEVELS?

    Im looking to improve the clarity and more importantly the black levels of my screen. Right now I have a DIY white spandex screen. but I want deeper blacks!!! EDIT 1-7 i guess i need to be more clear I mean better options then spandex to get deeper blacks and clarity. I already have dark gray...
  6. ddlooping

    Question Float Model 2 refurb (foam)

    Hi all :) I'm in need of acoustically transparent foam sheets to refurb a pair of Float Model 2 Dynamic (physically identical to model shown in photo). The original side foam is about 3mm thick. Are there better foam than others? Where can I source it? I've found some on ebay but it is 5mm...
  7. J

    Which AT fabric?

    Looking to buy white AT fabric to finish off a shelf I'm building. It needs to let infrared light through for the amps and sky box etc. I've also got 2 subs sitting on the shelf so shouldn't block low frequencies. Any tips and recommendations for fabric greatly received.
  8. puntloos

    Acoustically transparent screen, or not?

    There's always tradeoffs, no? But literally for the first time in my life I own a center speaker. My fancy FL and FR have a needle-sharp soundstage, so I kinda didn't need one, but I recently bought a 5.0 speaker set.. so.. But now that I have one it's immediately apparent and slightly...
  9. D

    first home theater, advice on screen selection?

    Hi all, I just bought this projector, I hope it's a good one: Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-HW45ES I'm putting it in a room in my basement. It would be easy enough to make it totally dark, although I don't know if I'll want to use it that way all the time. There might be a bit of ambient...
  10. sherv

    What is the cheapest acoustically transparent screen that is woven?

    I've setup my new 5.1 (soon to be Atmos) system (Sony STRDN1080 & Q Acoustics Q7000i 5.1 Plus) but I've had to install my centre speaker above my TV as I have a log fire underneath. The issue is my current motorized projector screen is a standard one & the sound is now muffled from the centre...
  11. silouette

    Question best value and quality acoustically transparent screen

    Anyone had experience in the world of acoustically transparent screens. I'm using one at the moment and am happy enough,( although is it was an ex dem model so I don't know the manufacturer). Just felt like squeezing a couple of extra feet out of my room situation. At the moment using jvc 350 in...
  12. T

    Question Choice of acoustically transparent screen

    Hi forum, first post here and trying out my luck here :-) I'm going to purchase acoustically transparent motorized projector screen and it should not cost a fortune as it is my first screen and want to start out easy not breaking the bank I found a tab tension from eSmart Germany (anyone have...
  13. A

    Question Question for owners of Acoustically transparent screens

    This may be a stupid question, but as they are perforated, do AT screens let light through them? I wil be putting a drop down screen in front of a window rather than a wall, so wondering if the light from the projector would shine through and go outside the house and into the street, if you see...
  14. J

    Question Any acoustically transparent ALR screens for <7ft viewing distance?

    After seeing the AT screen demos at Jag's brill event this weekend I'd like to explore an AT screen with ambient light rejection capabilities - I'm not going to change this room's decor any time, and I'm addicted to the blacks I get from ReAct3 in my room. I saw the Draper Tecvision Nanoperf...
  15. DLxP

    Question Acoustically transparent fabric options

    Is anyone aware of any high quality AT material (e.g. Guildford of Maine type material or better) that comes on a roll with a width that exceeds 190cm? Happy to pay through the nose for it, to an extent. The widest I've found is 170cm. I'm planning to cover a portion of wall that's 190cm wide...
  16. Harkon321

    Motorised Acoustically Transparent Screen

    Has anyone got one of these? Is it woven or micro perforated? Just interested to hear people's feedback, although I doubt it is a very common set up.
  17. Stoke192

    Answered Acoustically transparent fabric, Best place to buy ?

    Hi, I looking to build some acoustic panels for my rather lively lounge and was wondering where the best place to buy is (fabric), I'm not really after speaker cloth as the colour range is limited. I was thinking of doing a DIY version of this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. P

    Monitor Audio - CP-IW260X vs Silver 10s - Home Theater Help

    Hi AVF, first time posting! Need help deciding between "luxury" in-wall speakers and floor standing speakers w/ 5.1.4. home theater. I've decided on the Monitor Audio Silver Surround package, but need to pull the trigger on three CP-IW260X or Silver 10s/Silver Center. The CP-IW260X would...
  19. bookle

    Question Acoustically Transparent Screen Bargain - Too good to be true?

    On a budget and looking for a good AT screen, then stumbled across this at a fraction of most of the specialist screen suppliers such as Grandview etc Looks good on paper - anyone have a view or experience? eSmart Akustik Rahmen-Leinwand MIRALE | 221 x 125 cm (100") | 16:9 - Lautsprecher...
  20. barry7767

    Question Thinking of going acoustically transparent with in walls - advice needed

    I currently have a React 2.1 ambient light rejecting screen. My next upgrade was originally planned to be to XTZ Cinema LCR. However, the increased size of the speakers would mean either raising the height of the screen, or replacing the unit below to something smaller. So it got me thinking...
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