1. emptycup

    Question Pair Q Acoustic 3010 with a 3090i?

    Hi all, I have limited space for speakers along the front unfortunately due to wife related requirements. The Q Acoustic 3010 speakers are just small enough for her tastes (the 3010i are slightly bigger - don't ask!). However, for the centre would it be worth sticking with the 3090 or spend a...
  2. MMachine78

    Question Q Acoustic and mixing speakers

    Hi All, I currently have the Q Acoustic 7000 speaker set with a T Rel Zero suband some Cambridge minx speakers for front height atmos. I am thinking of getting some 3010i for my front speakers and a 3090ic for the Center speaker and keeping 2 of the 7000s for rears. Does anyone else do this and...
  3. I

    Acoustic Curtain help please.

    Hi, I have a big double glazed widow in my living room. It is on the sidewall. My room is rectangular and the window is on the long sidewall. What would be a good way to help with reflection etc on this side? Im assuming a long curtain with lots of pleats would be a good start. The...
  4. QRIO

    Question 120 inch, 2.40:1, acoustic screen, electric, below ceiling, tab tension, gain 1.0, matt white, high quality screen

    Hi, Does any one know where I may purchase a screen as above with a black drop of 700mm, gain 1.0, matt white. Something that is high quality, nothing cheap or nasty. My viewing distant is approx 3.8m, my budget is up to £2K. I can go a little higher if there is any manufacturer that sells a...
  5. C

    Q acoustic speakers

    Hi. Looking for bit of advice plz. I currently have a pair of q acoustic 3020s but have seen a pair of floorstanding 2050s for sub £100. My question is would these be an improvement or a step back? Thanks in advance.
  6. anlygi

    Question Acoustic panel construction advice

    I have recently moved home and the lounge layout is totally inappropriate for my system so I'm going into a small dedicated room. It's also a half roofspace conversion so there's a vaulted ceiling on one side, beginning just above each corner I will be placing my Q Acoustics 3050 fronts. It is...
  7. samtl

    Acoustic Energy Aegis Three - Any Good?

    Hi All, I'm about to buy a new subwoofer for my system - an SVS SB2000. It's a real step into the AV world for me, though I'm concerned that my current floor standing speakers - the Acoustic Energy Aegis Three's, are now the weak link in my system. How do people rate them? They do sound good...
  8. P

    Q Acoustic M2 Vs Cambridge Audio TV2/5

    Can’t find a thread comparing these so what’s the thought on those that have demod them? TV5 looks best and reviewed well but less sure about the other two which seem almost identical yet again the TV2 seems better reviewed and has a bigger sub. TV2/3 appear same spec apart from size and extra...
  9. A

    Acoustic enclosures for ceiling speakers

    I have a pair of Sonance VP66r’s to fit into my kitchen ceiling. These will be hooked up to an original sonos connect amp. I have a couple of questions if anyone can give me advise. 1, what type of wire will be best. 2, if I should or should not get or enclosures for them. If so which would be...
  10. raki

    Question What amp/avr for q acoustics 3050.

    I am looking to buy set of Q Acoustics 3050 from RS as they are in good price. I am not really sure what way should I go. I would like to spend roughly £250. I would like it to be connected to TV through arc, be able stream music from my phone through Bluetooth and have an option to add sub...
  11. Smiffy 2

    Q Acoustic 7000i centre speaker query??

    Does anybody know whether the integral stand can be removed from this speaker please? –– ADVERTISEMENT –– Have read on some forums that it can, but Q Acoustics are saying it can't. Confused...... :confused::confused::confused:
  12. keithc33

    Where in the UK can I get this please

    I am looking for a screen to go in a TV Unit that we are having built, the only place that I can find to build me this screen is a company in America, please see the image attached. Does anyone know of anyone who makes bespoke screens in the UK, these are the requirements... 2.35.1 Screen 4k...
  13. mkohman

    Acoustic Panel Build! (DIY)

    Hey Guys, Over the past week, I have been working on building my own acoustic panels for my room. Initially I was looking to buy them but wanted to take on the challenge to build my own as I enjoy projects like these. The purpose of me creating this thread is to try and help anyone who may be...
  14. keithc33

    Question Can someone make me a bespoke screen?

    I am not entirely sure if it can be done but I would like the following screen which I can't seem to find anywhere online, I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction, either by recommending someone who can make this screen or offer guidance on how I can do this myself...
  15. Shooter1

    Stands for Q Acoustics 1010i

    Hi All, In the process of moving home and looking for stands for Q Acoustics 1010i's which are used as rear surround speakers. They are currently wall mounted, but this wont be an option in the new house. Can anyone point me in the direction of reasonably priced stands for these speakers...
  16. dpullen87

    Answered Q Acoustic 3070s Sub Settings

    I picked up the Q acoustic 7000i 5.1 speaker package yesterday which included the 3070s sub. Does anyone have these speakers/sub, what settings on the sub for volume and crossover do you find works best? Lady in the shop said to set volume to Max and let the receiver do the work but I wasn’t...
  17. atmos74

    Answered DIY Acoustic panels

    I am looking at making my own acoustic panels, mainly in the style of the GIK panels: Impression Series Archives - GIK Acoustics Europe I was going to use a timber frame with 50mm Earthwool or similar inside, wrapped in a fabric and look at putting a cnc cut panel on the front. My questions...
  18. B

    Q Acoustic Tweeters blown - get new ones from ?

    Hi, being an average hifi user I actually thought that the sound had gone dull due to the amplifier; basically the treble didnt effect the speakers. The amplifier is a Yamaha 500 series. So, I removed a tweeter and it registered 0 ohms, tada, the tweeters had blown. Funnily enough it wasnt being...
  19. A

    q acoustic 3020 or 3010 with q acoustic cinema?

    Hi everyone. I had to decide between Q acoustic 3020 or 3010 with q acoustic cinema, please look the following link: Q Acoustics 3050 Cinema The true is I don't know what to do should I swap them? because the difference is 60 pounds. I prefer to use the speakers for films rather than music and...
  20. DodgeTheViper

    Acoustic Speaker Hoods

    I’m on the lookout for Acoustic Speaker Hoods for In-Ceiling Speakers. They need to comfortably fit 8” speakers. Even though I’ve got plenty of insulation within the ceiling space, I was going to make up an enclosure of sorts for the drivers. But, I thought Acoustic Hoods would save me some...
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