1. P

    Acer H7550BD won't turn on

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me! So I started getting a fan failure message and projector would power off after 5 mins. I opened up to clean in case of dust and found the back of the lamp had fallen off and released a small amount of phosphorus. See photos. So I bought a new bulb and...
  2. SueR

    Budget friendly replacement for discontinued Acer P1173

    Hi All Budget friendly replacement for Acer P1173 Hope you can help, feeling a little dejected as my much loved Acer P1173 projector bit the dust recently. It's now discontinued. The bulb popped but once I'd replaced the lamp there seemed to an overheating issue, with it cutting out after a...
  3. Alps

    Dell, Acer or 2nd hand Mac?

    Guys, I need a bit of advice please. I need to buy my daughter a 15" laptop for home schooliing to move her away from sitting directly behind me on the desktop and being a pest during my meetings :laugh: Budget is £500 (or better less). I'm currently looking at either a new Dell Inspiron 3000...
  4. bungieben

    Acer laptop 7736g wifi card upgrade

    Hi, i'm wanting to upgrade the wifi card in a Acer 7736g laptop. I thought i'd brought the correct replacement but it is different. The old one is larger with one slot and the one o purchased is smaller and has two slots. Any help please.
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