accidental damage

  1. cinemanaut

    Tale of Woe: Quick scan request to check my Acer projector is Toast!

    Hi Everybody. I have enjoyed my Acer Projector, it is the h6510bd 1080p and cost me 800 euro originally. It has served me well. Now it has giant cracks all over the projected image... I only want to double check the old girl is completely toast. I reached out to some firms who do projector...
  2. ManFromTheNorth

    To Repair or Replace - Samsung QE49Q7C.

    Hi All, It's my first post and appolgoies in advance if this question has been asked before. Our little one has recently cracked the screen of our Samsung QE49Q7C as illustrated below with a toy plastic hammer 😭😭 & I'm sure he only tapped it once but he must have hit the sweet spot oddly...
  3. F

    Is it normal that 'accidental damage' is not covered by John Lewis computer warranty?

    Could you pls advise. My computer, bought from John Lewis, is still under warranty. I sent it to John Lewis, which forwarded the pc to HP. And they said the pc requires the new mainboard, this have been identified to be needed due to evidence of accidental damage. Due to the provided...
  4. G

    Question Extended warranties with accidental damage cover in UK?

    Hey, does anyone know if there are still any UK-based retailers (online or in-store) which still offer a form of accidental damage cover during an extended warranty/guarantee period with their TVs? I know John Lewis used to offer this, but I believe that they have now stopped doing so.
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