1. Phil Hinton

    Sony A90J & A80J OLED and X90J & X95J BRAVIA XR TV Line-up & Features: Sony Interview

    In this Podcast special, we interview Gavin McCarron – Technical Marketing Manager, TV Marketing Europe and Nick Roos – Product Marketing Manager, TV Marketing UK & Ireland from Sony about the new 2021 TV line-up. We explore the new features like the Cognitive Processor and XR OLED Contrast Pro...
  2. DorothyMacha

    What is the best receiver to use with the A90J? Budget up to $2k

    Looking for suggestions on which receiver to get. I have a 5.1 (may update to 7.1)... I was leaning toward the Marantz 6015 but reviews got me spooked so I’m looking at other options. The TV will be in my apartment so nothing super special is needed... I’d just like something in the $1,500-$2k...
  3. jmacc

    Sony A90J OLED Owners and Discussion Thread

    Sony Master Series A90J 55" 65" 83" OLED TV The A90J has a new XR OLED Contrast Pro feature which has a number of technologies implemented to assist with improved image quality. First of all, is a Laminate aluminium sheet which is applied to the panel for heat radiation. This is then...
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