1. T

    Yamaha DSP A5 vs A1 A2

    Hello! I have a Yamaha dsp amplifier A5 sounds very good leads bw DM 630 with 2 subwoofers 10 inches. What is the difference between the A5 and the a1 a2 series sounding better? It's just that they have higher consumption than the A5. But the force on the stereo is greater than on the A5?
  2. G

    Audioengine A5+ vs Q Acoustics M20?

    Hi all! I was hoping to seek your advice. I’m looking to purchase a pair of powered / active bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth / Wireless connectivity that I can primarily connect to my turntable, for around £400. I’m going to place them on my fireplace in the living room. My research...
  3. aVdub

    Question on directions through North Wales.

    Am coming up from the South UK in May to stay just on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park (Bangor side) and am happy to take the M40 up to Brum, but not so keen to continue up country on the M6 to connect up with the A55 (as suggested on planers) and was wondering if coming off at the A5 and...
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