1. E


    Any views on the above TV? I'm mainly looking for a TV which has an anti reflective screen, can upscale to at least 4K through a Sky Q box, a 5 or 6 year warranty and a TV from a shop where I can actually see one in operation. If there are better 65" TVs than the one mentioned in the title...
  2. fullshred

    Occasional dropouts on 25m Ruipro 8k cable

    Hi folks, it feels like my home theatre is cursed! I recently upgraded to a (faux) 4k Projector (Epson EH-TW9400W / 6050UB) and therefore replaced my old HDMI cables with Ruipro 8k. There's a 25m run from my PC (Nvidia RTS 2070 Super) to the receiver (Anthem AVM-60), and a 20m run from the...
  3. T

    Need advice - 1 output to 2 TVs 8k

    Hello - I have one PS5 and I want a HDMI splitter/switch that takes one signal from the PS5, but allows me to view and game on one of two TV's. One TV is downstairs and 4k @ 60, while the other is upstairs at 4k @ 120, so I need an 8k 64gbps device. I would never need both displays on at the...
  4. A

    LG ZX 8K OLED Owners and Discussion Tread

    Thought I would start a discussion thread as I couldn't find one. Had the 77" 8K gallery TV just over a week now from Hughes for a bargain £6300. I bought an 8K panel because I sit just over 2 meters away and was concerned, I may be able to see a 4K panel picture pixel structure for that size...
  5. C

    HDMI connector for 8K cable

    Hi, I need to pass an 8K HDMI cable through the wall and then crimp the connectors. Do I need to find 8K connectors or the HDMI version only affects the cable? If so, could you please recommend me any website where I can buy them? Thanks in advance.
  6. z5461313

    Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8k TV Discussion Thread

    Start new thread for affordable Samsung 8k QN800A Neo QLED TV
  7. chris walkden

    Upgrade to a new 4k and 8k AV Amp "YET"?

    Recently bought a 4k Qled TV and wondering if to upgrade my trusty 2015 Onkyo tx NR 622. The amp works fine, but I found out that even though the HDMI inputs on the back say 4k, it was not showing 4k video via my Virgin Media v6 BOX. I have now plugged the V6 box directly into the tv and...
  8. G

    55 inch 8K

    Just moved house and looking to buy 2 new TV's. I was hoping to buy a 75-80 inch but the fireplace which is the only location in both rooms will only fit a max 60 inch TV (and I dont think they now make 60 inch TV's) so I will have to buy 2 x 55 inches. My current TV is a Sony Bravo 55 inch...
  9. Scott Wright

    Bargain LG 77 Inch 8K OLED TV Reduced from £11,999 to £6,999. Expires 23/06/21

    LG 77 INCH 8K OLED TV Must have Amazon Prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days of Amazon Prime for free here - Amazon.co.uk: Amazon Prime
  10. C

    OLED or QLED 8K

    Until recently, I was planning to get an 65-inch OLED. Now, I'm leaning towards a Samsung 8K QLED. It will mainly be used for watching films and TV shows. I'm aware of the generalisations (OLED "better" for blacks and dark rooms, QLED "better" at brightness in light rooms) but there must be...
  11. T

    2020 8K versus 2021 4K samsung

    Hi I am in the market for a 65 inch TV. I am heading towards Samsung because it is a fairly bright room and I have read about LGs suffering reflections. Also my wife loves the Samsung interface. My question is am I likely to get a better picture and better upscaling from this year’s 4K range or...
  12. diskot111

    8K Full Array LED vs OLED

    8K Full Array LED vs OLED DA, I am considering buying a large size, 75"+, TV for a dimly lit room (but still not a dedicated cinema room) for watching mainly movies and sport. I feel that given the size of the screen the 8k resolution will provide advantages vs a 4k panel, but I am not sure if...
  13. D

    Bargain 8K QLED anyone?

  14. tankalf

    Please Help: Samsung 8k 82Q800T vs Sony 4K 85xh9505

    Hi guys Please help me to choose. I found at the same price, new, these two models. I watch 1080p and 4K film and tv series. Sat, streaming and mkv. Nothing else. Which tv do you think have the best picture quality? Considering also Sony was the flagship 4K model of 2020 and it’s a 85” versus...
  15. L

    Samsung 75" Q900T QLED 8K HDR Smart TV (2020) now £2,549.15 Good price?

    so the 2020 Samsung Flagship TV 2020 75" Q900T QLED 8K HDR Smart is now £2,549.15 (possible another £125 off with Samsung Pay) is this a good price? what I like is the infinity screen edge to edge, I think that's kinda unique and amazing itself I am selling my 2018 Sony OLED 65AF8 and wanted...
  16. N

    STR-DN1080 and Ruipro 8k HDMI 2.1 Fiber Cable

    Hey all, I have a LG OLED CX being mounted on my stone fireplace, and I am coming up with a solution to run cables from behind the TV to my Sony STR-DN1080 (looking at the EchoGear power and cable management kit). I am familiar with limitations of HDMI past 10 feet, and have been researching...
  17. darren@me

    10m HDMI 2.1 run Ruipro 8k

    Hi all, I am decorating and need a 10m run of HDMI. I have a HDMI 2.1 8k receiver and thought I would 'future-proof' it with a 2.1 cable. I have a Ruipro 8k delivered today, but as you all know they are expensive. My question is am I waiting money here or is there another product I would be...
  18. buddy777

    Samsung 65 8k picture settings advice/

    MY samsung says that in picture settings mode you can set the individual settings to Current sources or All sources. My question is can i set all the 4 s hdmi connectios to different sources?Thank you
  19. Grangey.

    When’s the next round of 8k / 4k/120hz AVRs likely out?

    Hi all, Can anyone clarify when the latest range of AVRs will be released? I’ll need one with 4k 120hz fully compatible, and due to my house sale including my current AVR seems ill get to introduce a new one into my next purchase. As I’ve got time, wondered how long I’d have to wait to until...
  20. Richdog

    Is the Ruipro 8k cable the only choice if you want full HDMI 2.1 at 15m?

    Hi guys. I have been doing a lot of research lately and seem to have come to the conclusion that the Ruipro 8k HDMI 2.1 cable is literally the only choice if you want full HDMI bandwidth and features at a length of 15m (or more). Obviously, £200 for a cable is a lot of money. A couple of...
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