1. P

    50" Max Gaming TV With 120Hz?

    I'm after a new TV as my current Sony 40" is giving up the ghost and am after a 50" maximum as anything above this is not not physically feasible. I mainly game on it with an Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch so ideally will need 120Hz but i can't find any with this feature at this size but found...
  2. N

    Question Any reason to choose 43" over 50" TV?

    The viewing distance is 260 cm. Currently looking at the BE7000/B7500/U7B and the RU7100/RU7400. I can purchase the TV in the Netherlands and from Amazon.de, but they do not ship 50" TVs to the Netherlands.
  3. mattg

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-500m + wall mount + remote for sale

    Hi all, My parents have recently upgraded to a 55" OLED so their trusty Kuro is now ready for its next home. They've owned it from new and was installed, wall-mounted and calibrated by Sevenoaks oxford (settings were tweaked using the remote during the install). 100% SKY / Bluray viewing. It's...
  4. T

    50" 4k UHD TV with twin tuners

    Hi I'm trying to source a 50" 4k UHD TV with twin tuners. Mistakenly bought a Panasonic GX800 which doesn't so that's gone back but finding a twin tuner TV is proving difficult. Even all the Which? Best Buy LG TV's don't have them. My old 2014 48" Samsung has the facility so foolishly though...
  5. B

    Samsung 50" plasma display panel problem

    Hi, I have a Samsung PN50B450B1DXZA 50" plasma TV that recently went out with a loud pop and then black screen. Traced failure to the X-sustain board and replaced. With the back cover off, I plugged power cord in and TV comes on but sparks start coming out of the right side of panel under screen...
  6. B

    Best 50" TV for me to buy?

    Hello, what 50" TV do you recommend with max budget of £400 (£450 at a real push). Cant go any bigger screen as space is limited. Normal viewing for us is Netflix/Amazon Prime/DVD and sport plus my daughter constantly watching Youtube videos! Viewing angle isnt an issue. I have always...
  7. 3

    50" TV under 500€

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 50 inch TV under 500€. Requirements : 50 inch screen VA panel Of course good image quality Decent SMART TV experience I have currently stumbled upon these 3 models : LG 50UM7450PLA Samsung UE50RU7472 Philips 50PUS7304 Any recommendations? :)
  8. J

    Question 50LN575V-ZE Backlight issue?

    Hey, having an issue with our LG 502 smart tv, possibly the back light has gone? Tv switches on, Lg Logo appears for 0.3s Then screen goes black. Sound works fine and if you look closely the picture is there, just no back light. Back light does occasionally turn on when the power off button is...
  9. N

    Question Please help me to decide-Samsung 55" UE55RU7020 vs Samsung 50" UE50RU7100 plus alternatives

    Hi everyone! Have been saving for my first tv and finally,the time has come..Can someone help me decide between these two? The tv will be used 60% for gaming and 40% for series-movies. I was also thinking about the Philip's ambilight 50PUS6814/12 which is in my budget of £400. Was wondering if...
  10. J

    Suggestions please for a 49" or 50" UHD TV with wide viewing angles & for a Max of £500

    The title amounts about sums up what I am looking for, and for the following reasons: - It would be to replace a 2012-13 vintage 42" Tosh LCD, and would sit on an old (and extremely useful!) IKEA turntable that allows us to swivel it through about 70 degrees so that we can see the screen from...
  11. W

    Question 50" TVs - going round in circles!

    I have been looking at tvs for a while now - I'm upgrading from an OLD Sony KDL-40W2000 which is still going strong after 12 years or so, and I still love it. However, we are reorganising rooms, and I want to wall mount. The current telly is a bit of a monster to mount, so I thought it would be...
  12. C

    Wall mount for Panasonic Plasma 50" TH-PZ80U

    Is there any measurement for the holes on the back of the TV. What mount can an end user use with this TV?
  13. C

    10 Watt Power Resistor for a Panasonic TH-50PZ80U 50" Plasma Power Supply Repair

    Does anyone know where or how to make a 10 Watt Power Resistor for a Panasonic TH-50PZ80U 50" I am doing a power supply replacement and want to bleed the capacitor before powering the TV on.
  14. R

    Question 4k ~50" under 400 GBP Black Friday

    Hi everyone, I know that i can't expect miracles but I'm looking for best option for ps4 pro gaming and movies in this price range. I found couple models but completely don't have idea what to choose because probably they differ in small details. 1. Samsung UE50NU7020 2. Hisense H50AE6100UK 3...
  15. C

    50LF6000 Flashes off and on constantly

    Not my tv but I'm a fixit-guy trying to troubleshoot it for wife's coworker/friend. TV is 2-1/2 years old, and the screen has started flashing off and on constantly whenever it's powered up. Audio works and all menu functions seem to work; you can see everything bright and clear when it flashes...
  16. siris

    Wanted Panasonic 50" Plasma, North London

    Good evening, We're on the lookout for a 50" Panasonic Plasma in reasonable distance to North London. Budget is £250, but might stretch slightly further depending on the model. Am mobile and ready to pick it up even at short notice if not too far. Looking forward to any offers. Location...
  17. J

    Question Stand for Pioneer Kuro 5090

    Hi..I have always had this on the wall but want to use it in a different room on a tabletop stand. Are there any generic stands that would be strong enough? (I think the TV weighs 33.5kg). Thanks all.
  18. L

    Answered what 50" tele - to watch tele - to replace my 11yr old 42" Tosh

    Toshiba 42Z3030D - 42" REGZA LCD TV - 100Hz - widescreen - 1080p (FullHD) - HD ready - silver, piano black at Backoffice that's the current tv, working fine. Can I greatly improve image quality without losing the decent audio, reliable tele? not for games or films. ( 1080p projector in...
  19. Langkawi

    For Sale Sony KDL-50W755C 50" 1080p HD LED LCD smart TV - bargain £200 - must collect (London)

    Perfect condition 50 inch Sony KDL-50W755C full HD, smart tv. Cost £500 less than two years ago but I just replaced with it a 4k TV so am happy to part with it for a bargain £200 for a quick/easy sale. I don't have the original boxes but I can put it in the box for the 49inch replacement to...
  20. G

    Question Best 50" for Sky Q & PS4 Pro

    Hi, I have just moved house and need to find a tv for my lads bedroom. It will most likely be wall mounted and no bigger than 50". It will be feed with Sky Q and a PS4 Pro. More than happy to consider last years models, or wait until Nov for price drops, or buy second hand. Thanks in advance.
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