1. ImSpartacus

    Question Optoma UHD50 Searching for Source When Starting 4k HDR content

    So, my current setup is Xbox One X > Onkyo TXNR656 > Optoma UHD50. I have noticed that whenever I start a 4k HDR movie with both the blu-ray player or streaming the projector will search for a source. It always finds it and plays the content without issue, but I guess I would just prefer a more...
  2. mraerosmith

    Wanted Ironman 4K Trilogy

    As in the title, anybody got this, and looking to move it on.
  3. RedDevil85

    2012 4K UHD

    Currently scheduled for release in the US on 19th January 2021 UK release expected, will update as usual once confirmed.
  4. B

    For Sale Toshiba 43U5863DB UHD 4k HDR LED

    I have for sale a Toshiba 43U5863DB. Nice TV with a good set of smart apps. The full spec an be found on the Toshiba website: https://toshiba-tv.com/uk-uk/43u5863db It's not a current model, but it's in excellent condition, working perfectly and is supplied in a (Samsung) box for pick up...
  5. Noble372

    Question I have a oled Tv a 4k bu ray player that supports both 10+ and Dolby vision, for discs that support both what format do i choose for the best image???

    Okay so I own a ub820 4k player that supports hdr10+ and dolby vision I own a Panasonic gz2000 which support dolby vision and HDR10+ And I own a bunch of 4k discs which support both formats. When I play a disk that supports both 10+ and dolby vision eg 1917 or back to the future, My player will...
  6. O

    Okay Projector gurus. Guru me.

    I have a Epson PowerLite ProCinema 6010 that's about 10 years old. Dedicated media room , no windows. 110" screen. Projector ceiling mount is 13.5' from screen. I was thinking of upgrading to 4K, and the Projector market has changed a good bit since I last really researched. Theatre room is...
  7. bookle

    Wanted 4K UHD Amazon Firestick

    Anyone have one of these for around the Amazon flash sale price pf £30?
  8. XL5

    For Sale Roku 4k+ streaming stick £33.10 inc postage - New (SOLD)

    Arguably the best streaming stick on the market. New Never used. Bought in error
  9. Jordan1741

    Wanted 43-55" 4K TV

    Hi, im Looking for a 4k TV to use with the PS5 when i eventually get one. im available to collect around Lancashire.
  10. P

    For Sale Various 4k discs for sale this is what’s left

    Batman begins (Italian import) £11 The Dark knight (Italian import) £11 The Dark knight rises (Italian import) £11 or all 3 for £28 including delivery Inception (Italian import) £11 Dunkirk (Italian import) £11 Blues Brothers (US import) 4k disc and standard blu ray £15 Onward (US import with...
  11. FallOutBoy

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32GB latest model, brand new & sealed!

    We don’t require this for ourselves so up for sale is a brand new, still sealed Apple TV 4K latest model (with the write ring around the Siri button on the remote) 32GB. Will be posted RMSD
  12. S

    Question Looking for 4k Smart tv

    Morning all, My son is still rocking a 1080p samsung from about 10 years ago, I'm passing my xbox one X down to him after the SX launches, but can't seem to find him a decent set? Looking for 4k 42" and above, not fussed for HDR but max budget is 350 Anyone able to recommend anything?
  13. lunazero

    Wanted 4K UHD Films - Casino Royale, Skyfall, Whiplash

    As above has anyone got a copy to move on please? UHD disc only is fine. However will also consider purchasing UHD+BR
  14. G

    Wanted 4K monitor

    Hey, looking to upgrade my monitor to a 4K one. Preferably IPS or VA, but willing to consider TN too. Happy to consider GSync or Freesync depending on other specs. Would prefer a high refresh rate monitor too, if possible. Price: open to negotiation depending on specs/condition, but 500...
  15. ZK133t


    I wanted to buy one of the above mentioned sets and i can't make up my mind between the three of them, I had a 2019 8K samsung q900 with a one connect box that was terrible and used to malfunction and overheat. so not keen on one connect models. My other requirements : I have a smart home with...
  16. JTL

    Wanted Fire Stick 4k

    Ideally looking for a new/sealed one. Missed out on the £29.99 prime day offer!
  17. JabbaNut

    Humax unveils AURA 4K Freeview PVR powered by Android TV technology.

  18. K


    For sale the fantastic Epsom 7100 4K PRO-UHD Projector which is brand new, never opened and with remaining warranty 21 months. It was intended to be part of a home cinema set-up but for now this has been put on hold, so my loss is your gain. All relevant technical information can be found on...
  19. pioneerman

    For Sale Optoma UHD40 DLP 4K Home Cinema Projector

    Optoma uhd 40 in excellent condition, 1316 hours on the bulb on echo should be good for 15000 hours. I have had the projector for just over a year, The projector produces a excellent 4k and 1080p picture. I have the box for the projector. collection please so i can show the optoma working. NO...
  20. Strojan

    For Sale Star Wars Episode III 4K Steelbook

    Bought two copies due to previous issues. Both arrived without damage this time, looking to sell one. £32 delivered
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