1. V

    New Apple TV 4K - No Dolby Vision

    I just connected my new Apple TV 4K to my setup. It is not detecting Dolby Vision. The highest it goes is 4K HDR. My immediate thought is that my HDMI cable from my receiver to my TV is not good enough. I know there is some sales hype around HDMI cables, but I don’t know enough to know what I...
  2. A

    No signal from my usb-c dock to my TV via x1600h

    So i've just had to dismantle my setup, to move it into some new furniture on the other halfs request. I've done something daft I can't work out. So previously I had a Macbook plugged into a dell wd15 usbc dock, and the dock plugged into a hdmi port on the reciever, reciever output this to the...
  3. jason1wood

    Wanted Leon 4k Zavvi Steelbook

    looking for the above. Doesnt need to be sealed.
  4. dougan

    4K Streaming Quality

    Having just bought a Samsung Q70R TV, we watched our first 4K movie last night, Toy Story 4 on the Disney + channel. Picture quality wise, was not expecting much, because it was streamed and not a 4K Blu-ray. Wow! How wrong I was, the picture quality was stunning! My question is, how much...
  5. steve1966

    For Sale Man of steel 4K & Batman v Superman 4K

    Man of steel ( Australian region B) Still sealed - £11 Batman v Superman - £11 Prices include delivery
  6. B

    For Sale Sony VPL-HW40ES & Bluestream 4K HDMI switch

    For sale is my VPL-HW40ES i have owned for approximately 5 years, its from a smoke and pet free home and comes in its original box with remote and instructions. The current lamp is on 2997 hours (5000 hour life in eco) the lamp. The lamp/filter message comes up on start up i just wanted to sell...
  7. ajburnet

    Hybrid Fibre HDMI or Extender for 4k...

    Hi folks! Would appreciate some opinions. Ive had some trouble with my multi display projector and TV) setup in relation to good 'ol long HDMI runs over the last two years (so am keen to sort once and for all!). I've tried a few HDMI cables for the long run to the TV, an active copper (Redmere...
  8. Kings119

    For Sale Dumbo 4k

    4k disc watched only once bluray disc brand new uk version includes slipc over
  9. C

    Denon AVR-X1100W - 4k HDMI ports

    Hi...I'm trying to find out if the 2 x HDMI ports that are marked 4k (HDMI 4 and 5) are HDCP2.2 compliant. When setting up the Amazon Fire TV Cube, it tells me they are not compliant, but I thought they were. The manual doesn't tell me anything. Thanks Clive
  10. Pooler

    For Sale Optoma UHD550X (UHD60) 4K Projector

    Superb projector and have been using it pole mounted for a 3 years. Have just upgraded to a UHZ65. So have to make you aware of a couple of issues. 1) There is a single dead pixel on the screen - it has been like this for 6 months and have learnt to live with it and you obviously only see...
  11. Alexxxx

    Wanted Apple TV 4K 32GB/64GB

    As per title Apple 4k TV wanted for a reasonable price. Need a second one for my living room.
  12. Simon F

    Wanted Matrix 4K Steelbooks

    Hi guys Looking for all 3 Zavvi steelbooks. Thanks
  13. S

    Flickering Problem with Dolby Vision on 4K discs

    Hello - I am new to the forum (first post) and have just upgraded to a 4k tv, player etc. When I watch 4k discs I have noticed a flickering on the black bars at the top and bottom of the image. This has happened on Gladiator, Halloween and Apocalypse Now: Final Cut so it can't be an issue with...
  14. J

    4K 49/50" LED TV for £500(ish)

    First time poster and (pretty much) first time TV buyer. I'm moving to a new flat and need to buy a TV. I've been looking at LG's offerings as I'd quite like Homekit support but the reviews are, on the whole, pretty poor unless I splash out for their OLED or NANO models which are sadly too...
  15. RedDevil85

    Resident Evil: Complete Collection 4K UHD

    Currently down for 3rd November 2020 in the US Will update as usual should a UK release be confirmed.
  16. L

    Wanted JoJo Rabbit & Goodfellas 4K UHD

    Hi. I apreciate JoJo Rabbit is fairly rare, but if anyone has the US / Canadian import for sale please let me know. EU version is available from Amazon.de for €21 so a German version is also fine also Goodfellas with Slip Cover please. U.K. version prefered.
  17. swartzy

    For Sale Aladdin animated Australian Disney 4K / The Little Mermaid animated Australian Disney 4K... 2 for £25 pp gift

    Aladdin 4K Disney Australian (does not come with blu-ray as standard) The Little Mermaid 4K Disney Australian (does not come with blu-ray as standard) 2 FOR £25 pp gift sorry no offers and will not split
  18. M

    For Sale Vero 4k+

    Great condition 6 month old boxed
  19. J

    Amazon 4K FireStick can't find wifi network

    I bought an Amazon 4K firestick back on April 1st and until about 10 days ago it has been working fine. Then suddenly it could not link to my wifi and there is no option like the conventional Firestick to connect via LAN. I contacted Amazon as I had tried all the troubleshooting and every other...
  20. Noahdavid1984

    For Trade Various 4K inc scarface ltd edition and others

    Scarface 1982 + 1932 in ltd edition statue box set. Watched once £50 Step brothers US edition with slip £15 A few good men Italian edition £10 Spider-Man homecoming with slip £13 Spider-Man far from home US edition with slip £14 Hellboy 2 £13 Boys n the hood with slip £13 Looking for dredd...
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