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  1. B

    LG vs Philips OLED TVs - YouTube apps 4K?

    Between the typical Philips and LG OLED TVs, do both have full 4K support in their YouTube apps? I was leaning towards a Philips 48 unit due to the Android OS and the ambilight, but I’m hearing talk of a poor YouTube app implementation. I probably watch as much YouTube as I do other sources...
  2. P

    For Sale Death on the Nile 4K UHD Mint with Slip

    I have for sale a mint copy of Death on the Nile 4K + Blu ray (untouched) comes with slip watched once £20 Inc postage
  3. Riggie

    KD-43XG8196 and 4k settings

    Equipment used, Sony TV Andriod KD-43XG8196, Nas drive DS115, Amazon Firestick 4K HDR. Not an expert at all with Andriod or HDR10 I am sure this has been covered before but it's quite annoying, to say the least! Last night I tried to watch a 2160p file located on my NAS, the file plays but...
  4. RedDevil85

    Primal 4K UHD

    Link: Amazon.com Release date: 26/07/2022 (US)
  5. RedDevil85

    Gamer 4K UHD

    Link: Amazon.com Release date: 19/07/2022 (US)
  6. RedDevil85

    The African Queen (1951) 4K UHD

    Link: Amazon.fr Release date: 24/08/2022 (fr) (UK TBC) StudioCanal release. Artwork TBA
  7. barnaby jones

    Top Gun: Maverick (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Pre orders up now @ Zavvi https://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/top-gun-maverick-4k-ultra-hd-steelbook-includes-blu-ray/13865082.html HMV https://store.hmv.com/store/film-tv/4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray/top-gun-maverick-(1) Amazon
  8. J

    New Tv around £1100 to replace old 768p plasma.

    Hi guys, Looking to replace our old 43" Samsung 768p plasma tv with a 65" tv as we are doing the living room up. Not sure on OLED or LED. Has to have good upscaling as it's a family TV so a lot of SD channels are watched, with some Netflix & Amazon Prime. Basically no gaming at all right now...
  9. Spurs4ever

    For Sale (SOLD) Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR (2019) - £125 delivered

    My tech clear-out continues... Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K HDR (2019) 16GB This was purchased on 19th December 2021 from Currys and has been my daily Apple TV driver since then. It's fully boxed (the box does have a few creases in it on the corners - see the image below) and the unit itself is in...
  10. RedDevil85

    Doom (2005) 4K UHD

    Link: Amazon.fr Release date: 17/08/2022 (fr) (UK TBC) Artwork TBA.
  11. R

    Best suitable 40-50 inch 4K tv to buy with a great picture & sound?

    Hello I’m looking to buy a brand new 4K tv this summer which I have never had before. I’m looking at a 40 to 50 inch tv which has a stunning picture and a great sound from it so I can watch films, tv series and live sports. My budget is up to £2,000. Thank you for helping me
  12. K

    For Sale LG UltraGear 27UL500 27” 4K IPS HDR gaming monitor

    LG 27UL500 4K IPS gaming monitor with HDR for sale. Great condition, no marks on screen or dead pixels. Will include the USB LED speakers as shown in the photo. Currently on sale at Curry’s on offer for £229, normally £259. Collection from Huntingdon.
  13. K

    For Sale BenQ EW3270U 32” 4K gaming monitor

    BenQ EW3270U monitor in fantastic condition. Selling for £369 online. It is basically as new just without the box. Has had very little use. Collection from Huntingdon.
  14. Macey

    Wanted Guns of Navarone 4K

    Hi, Looking to pick up a copy of the above, ideally the US version with slip but will consider without slip if one doesn’t appear! Cheers Sam
  15. RedDevil85

    Flatliners (1990) 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - Arrow - HMV - Zavvi Release date: 01/08/2022
  16. B

    Wanted Need a Short throw projector - 4k

    hi looking for short throw projector 4k (false 4k obiviously) for ceiling mounted for movies/tv series on apps only (no sports) under 2k
  17. F

    For Sale My Infinity Saga 4K Collection

    All 23 films from Iron Man to Far From Home. From my collection that I mostly never got around to watching. Box Set - 4K Blu-Rays + Blu-Rays - Iron Man 4K Blu Ray Disk watched once, in very good condition. All other disks new and unused. Box in very good condition. 1. Iron Man (2008). 3. Iron...
  18. RedDevil85

    Police Story Trilogy Limited Edition 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - Eureka - Zavvi Release date: 26/09/2022 First Eureka 4K UHD release!
  19. LittleNipper

    Wanted Top Gun UHD 4k

    Used is fine.... Looking to pay a tenner ..... Just to prime me for the new one !
  20. Q Branch

    Bargain Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Blu-Ray Player

    Sevenoaks S&V currently have £100 off with the code GDSAVE100, down to £799. https://www.sevenoakssoundandvision.co.uk/p-53226-panasonic-dp-ub9000eb1-4k-uhd-blu-ray-player.aspx
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