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  1. E

    Wanted AV receiver with 2 HDMI outputs, 4K, Dolby atmos. DTS X, HDCP 2.2

    Hi everyone Anyone got a AV receiver for sale. Key requirements are 4K, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 and 2 hdmi outputs. Atmos and DTSx also nice to haves. Interested in anything around £4-500. thanking you! Paul
  2. R

    For Sale Dell XPS 13" 9370 Laptop, i5, Touch Screen, 4K Screen.

    Up for sale is my Dell XPS laptop. Its the 9370 model with the following specs 13" 4K Touch Screen Intel Core i5-8250U Processor 8GB Ram 256GB SSD Hard drive Windows 10 (Just been factory reset) Silver casing. Comes with charger, don't have the original box anymore but will be shipped...
  3. TB Rich

    For Sale Atomic Blonde 4k UHD + Blu Ray

    Watched once, not one I'm too bothered to keep really. £14 inc p&p
  4. M

    Fire stick 4k iplayer stream resolution

    Hello I have both the fire stick 4k and the new fire stick 3rd gen (HD) ; when comparing the x-ray (developer) info on bbc iplayer streams; i noticed the newer gen 3 was getting resolution 1920x1080 avc whilst the 4k stick was getting only 1280x720 avc and would never go higher. I am using the...
  5. I

    For Trade 4K Neon Demon and 3D steelbooks.

    DE. Neon Demon 4K (Sealed) £85 (Steelbooks)(all sealed) Beowulf £20 The Golden Compass £20 Hancock £20 Shoot 'Em Up £35 Thor The Dark Kingdom 3D £35 IT. Underworld Awakening 3D £20 UK. Captain Marvel 3D CE.(Zavvi/Steelbook) £55 (This came from Cex,was supposed to be the 4K version but they...
  6. Valen

    For Sale Oblivion 4K

    I have oblivion for sale. For some odd reason I bought the 4K version, and when I got home I realised I had it already!? Not sure if I even watched this copy, but its in great condition of course. (And with slip) Looking £14 posted.
  7. Mack errol

    For Trade Elysium 4k

    Hi, Looking to Trade Elysium 4k for either : District 9 or Full Metal Jacket.
  8. R

    Problem with 4K at Projector

    Hello, i swiched to a Dell S718ql projector. Before i had an 1080p. My chain is windows 10 with gtx1080 => Onkyo TX-NR 555 on HDCP 2.2 => the Dell. In win 10 my Onkyo is in device manager as a standard plug and play device. I cant select 4 K resolution anywhere in win10. Settings at onkyo...
  9. UKCDJ

    Unbreakable 4k

    Coming soon
  10. kungfuman

    IPUK UHD8592 - 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player (Oppo Clone)

    Been searching for an Oppo alternative 4k player and just came across this which is meant to be a clone: https://actsessory.com/2021/02/19/ipuk-uhd8592-4k-ultra-hd-bluray-universal-player/ https://www.hifi4sale.net/t78807-ipuk-uhd8592-4k-ultra-hd-bluray-universal-player Looks similarly spec...
  11. SFkilla

    Snatch (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    Snatch (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.fr / Fnac.com Release date: 02/06/2021 Status: Available for pre-order Artwork TBA
  12. RedDevil85

    National Lampoon's Animal House 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: TBC US release coming out on 25th May 2021 UK release TBC. *US artwork
  13. RedDevil85

    The Birds 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: TBC US standard release coming out on 25th May 2021 UK still TBC. *US artwork
  14. mossikukulas

    4K TV selection - £400-450 budget - HDR? - Android TV

    Hi all I'm looking to replace my aging 32inch TV with a TV up to 50 inches mostly was watching TV shows and films. budget is £400 but may extend up to £450 for something really decent IPS or VS panel - I love my 27inch IPS monitor on my PC in terms of colors and I think that'd be best for the...
  15. RedDevil85

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: TBC (June 2021) Sony release currently scheduled in France for 16th June 2021. UK release expected (to go alongside the Kingsglaive release) will update as usual once confirmed. Artwork TBA
  16. jxb111

    Buy a FHD TV (more expensive) or Budget 4K (cheaper) for mainly 1080p watching? How bad is the upscaling?

    Hello all, these forums have so much interesting information thank you! I have a rather specific scenario question, so figured I would make a post as I'd like to ask for your advice. We're looking to buy a 50" for predominantly 1080p watching. In 2021, it appears that only one Full HD model is...
  17. rebel_scum

    For Sale Vigilante (1982) 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray

    Vigilante (1982) 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray. -- SOLD US import, both discs are Region Free. I received this yesterday, so it's basically watched once and brand new. Note: The slipcase has some creases on both spines, thanks to it being shipped in a woefully insufficient cardboard mailer. The...
  18. Marky Bear

    For Sale SOLD NOW!!! A few 4K UHD's up for sale

    4K UHD with additional Blu-ray disc(s) NOW MOVED ON TO PASTURE'S GREENER BRIGHTBURN - £14 - SOLD to @the boots man
  19. nonsoloinglese

    Wanted Apple TV 4k

    Looking for an Apple TV 4k
  20. C

    Zappiti Nas 4k HDR + Zappiti Mini Issues (help wanted!)

    First off, I am from avsforums. I am not known well, but I do not know if you all have different rules here. Anyhow - I have written out a story about my Nas from Zappiti. Long story short - the thing wont rip every 4k movie, but Zappiti is sending me the movies = great. But I can't play...
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