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Ultra-high-definition television (also known as Ultra HD television, Ultra HD, UHDTV, UHD and Super Hi-Vision) today includes 4K UHD (2160p) and 8K UHD (4320p), which are two digital video formats that were first proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and later defined and approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
The "UHD Alliance", an industry consortium of content creators, distributors, and hardware manufacturers, announced during CES 2016 press conference its "Ultra HD Premium" specification, which defines resolution, bit depth, color gamut, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) and rendering (HDRR) required for Ultra HD (UHDTV) content and displays to carry their Ultra HD Premium logo (seen to the right). In 2015, the Ultra HD Forum was created to bring together the end-to-end video production ecosystem to ensure interoperability and produce industry guidelines so that adoption of Ultra-high-definition television could accelerate. From just 30 in Q3 2015, the forum published a list up to 55 commercial services available around the world offering 4K resolution.
The Consumer Electronics Association also announced on October 17, 2012, that "Ultra High Definition", or "Ultra HD", would be used for displays that have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or wider and at least one digital input capable of carrying and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

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  1. Ian Collen

    NEWS: LG launches wireless 97-inch Signature M OLED 4K TV & comments

    Aided by the Zero Connect Box, the M3 Series delivers the world’s first wireless OLED and is out now in South Korea, with Europe and North America to follow shortly, along with 77 and 83 inch models. Read the news.
  2. P

    Replacing a 12yr old 55" plasma

    I have a 12yr old 50" Panasonic plasma, a TX-P50VT30 which in its day was great TV. I want to get a 4k TV but I have a couple of problems. 1. I have a wired in centre speaker that is boldted to the wall I cannot really move it and it is about 9cm above the TV. 2. The bracket was attached to...
  3. H

    Sharp Aquos tv - annoying FVP-300 errors

    Sharp Aquos 4T-C50EQ3KM2AG - 4K Android OS tv I bought this recently after soldiering on with a venerable LG Full HD plasma combined with various generic Android TV boxes. Picture in HDR 4K is excellent; Dolby surround on most apps is very welcome, which wasn't the case with the Android TV...
  4. balidey

    Amazon Fire QLED 4K TV ordered, need soundbar recommendation

    After about a year without a TV (yes really) I thought I would get one again. Needed to be 4K. Ideally around 50". So a quick search on Amazon last week gave a surprising result, I didn't know Amazon were doing their own brand Fire TV. I quite like their stuff. I have had Fire Tablets. I have 2...
  5. C

    New Freesat 4k TV to work with sky q dish.

    Hi All. Looking to move away from Sky & have a sky dish & sky q box. Will the 2023 TV’s accept the cable direct or will I still need a new lnb or an additional 4k Freesat box? Thanks
  6. R

    Getting the best HD picture on a 4K TV

    We've just changed our TV from a 40 inch HD to a 50 inch 4k one. The 4k picture on streaming apps looks great, but the HD picture from our Freesat box doesn't. It's a bit blurry and kind of washed out, but with some colours being a too bright. I was aware that it wouldn't look better, as it's...
  7. H

    Best & Smallest 4k TV for PC usage

    I am currently using a 4K monitor for PC use. It is 39" TV with 3 HDMI. I bought this TV about 9 years ago, when 4K monitors for PC were expensive. This imported 4K TV worked out really well. I have multiple PCs and I use the remote control to switch HDMI signals. My research is outdated. I...
  8. D

    HTPC sound to AV Receiver and HDMI to 4k TV

    I just bought a new 4k tv and would like to connect my HTPC to this and still get sound from my old Pioneer LX-52 AV receiver, which doesn't support 4k passthrough or even ARC. I saw a thread somewhere which I can't find now saying that I could use a display port to HDMI adapter to connect to...
  9. L

    new 4K TV shows players faces blurred on watching sports (distance shots)

    My old TV purchased back in 2010 (Sony BRAVIA® 60" 1080p 240Hz LED Edgelit LCD HDTV) recently stopped working, so I purchased a 4K UHD OLED TV (LG 65 inch OLED65C1AUB.AUS model at Costco). Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc work nicely. But when I watch soccer on ESPN or Paramount streamed through Roku...
  10. aweir14150

    My TCL 4K TV is showing up as "1080p" in the settings and in those Android screen resolution checker apps.

    I purchased an open box TCL 43S434 4K TV from Bestbuy. I have it set up and it seems to work fine except for one peculiar issue. The TV shows as 1080p in all the apps I have downloaded from Google Play. The apps that I have used to verify if the screen is in fact 4K are ResCheck and AIDA64. Both...
  11. K

    Sound problems with hdfury arcana, sonos arc and samsung tv

    Hi, I have a samsung ue55nu8000 4k tv with hdmi arc, virgin tv 360 box and sonos arc soundbar. i have connected the eArc out on arcana to sonos arc, hdmi out on arcana to hdmi in (arc) on samsung tv, and hdmi in on arcana to virgin tv 360 box. i am getting sound fine on the virgin box, but...
  12. Uptown

    Toshiba 4k TV, 3 hdmi outputs and a V6 virgin box. What could possibly go wrong? 🤪

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all safe and well. First time poster, so bear with me. So I have bought my first 4k TV and I have 3 hdmi outputs. These are connected directly as follows; Hdmi 1 straight to V6 box, with 2160p auto detected. Hdmi 2 straight to PS4. Hdmi 3 straight to...
  13. P

    No video on any HDMI Philips 4k TV

    On a one-year-old Philips 4k TV, suddenly all HDMI channel inputs reproduce no picture, just audio The sources are a satellite TV box and an Android media player. Both these inputs work fine with an older TV monitor. All internal video display---menus, adverts, all the trash that comes with...
  14. sykotik

    Looking for a 43inch 4k tv with HDMI 2.1

    Any one know of a 43inch 4k TV with HDMI 2.1 ( and possibly Freesync but not too bothered if it doesn't ) , will be used solely for gaming PS5 and PC I have been looking at the LG nano 86 ( 49inch ) but this is just a little too big for my needs . don't want to spend a fortune but roughly...
  15. S

    LG 55UJ635V 55'' LG ULTRA HD 4K TV - Bluetooth ready

    Daft question probably. I have a LG 55UJ635V 55'' LG ULTRA HD 4K TV. I'm thinking of getting a SAMSUNG Q60T/XU 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X or similar or other such bluetooth soundbar. I know my TV is wifi capable but not sure if it's bluetooth. Since getting it I've always used...
  16. G

    Question Apple 4k tv box VS Apple TV app

    Hey fellas.... Merry belated Christmas! I just bought a Sony x950h and installed the apple tv app. I noticed that there is an option to purchase/rent 4k movies. I was under the impression that you could only get 4k content from the Apple 4K TV box and not the app. Has this changed? I would...
  17. J

    Apple 4K TV with Optical cable set up for new OLED

    Can somebody clarify i have this correct... Getting my new OLED TV tomorrow and will using with a new unused Apple 4K TV box which will feed through to my Sonos Playbar. I will be also using the inbuilt tuner for normal TV. Regarding the set up, I have checked and can see that Apple 4K doesn't...
  18. S

    Question 75” 4K TV for gaming / movies

    Hi All Not looked into TVs for around 8 years(!). I’m after a 75” 4K TV That would be used primarily for gaming and movies / media server stuff - not really any “live” TV. Hoping to keep price under £1k. Had a look at the Samsung UE75TU7100 and UE75TU7020 - anyone got any other recommendations /...
  19. C

    Logitech Harmony 650 and Apple 4k TV Issues

    I've recently bought an Apple TV 4k box, I also have a Panasonic TV and Panasonic Home Cinema/Blu Ray player. I control all 3 devices with a Logitech 650 Universal Remote. I have an activity that I've set up called Headphones, where I just have the Apple TV and Panasonic TV switching on, and...
  20. nrestell

    50" 4k TV

    Hi, Looking to get a new TV but can only go up to 50" due to it sitting in an alcove. We sit about 2.5 - 3m from the TV (directly in front of it so viewing angles aren't really an issue) and watch Sky, Disney+ and Netflix (the last 2 we have the 4k package for). I can get the Sony 49XH9505 for...
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