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  1. T

    50" max IF mounting/More if not - recommendations please?

    Hi all, I rent, and my flat has a TV display unit pre-fitted with an IKEA UPPLEVA ORMO Wall bracket for flat screen TV flush mounting - see the mounting here. A photo of the mounted tv on the display unit, at the distance and angle I view from is below (taken today). The TV currently...
  2. P

    TU8570 Backlight Bleed. Normal?

    So I recently bought the 43" of Samsung TU8570 and later learnt about the backlight bleeding issues that users are reporting. Since then, I'm always worried if my TV has this problem as well. Attaching some photos of my tv playing backlight bleeding test video in a dark room. Please let me...
  3. NishanCS

    Really bad colour smear when using TV (Especially black and dark red colours)

    Hello guys! This is my first time posting here, made an account just for this (Also English isn't my first language so there's bound to be some errors) :) So I bought a Samsung 4K TV, NU7102, 2 years ago and I've noticed almost immediately that something feels extremely off when turning a...
  4. justdaryl86

    Question Confused Sony XD85 vs XD93 vs LG UH950 vs Hisense Series 7 ULED

    Hi there fellow techies, I just purchased the Sony XD85 65 inch for $2960 Australian Dollars. I am deciding to change it to the Sony XD93 65 inch for $3995 or LG UH950T 65 inch for $3699 or Hisense 70 inch Series 7 ULED M7000 for $2999 which one would you guys take and why? After various...
  5. H

    Question Help, new TV via insurance and not sure what to get.

    So last night my daughter knocked over the ironing board and the iron hit my Panasonic TX-55AS640B (55" ,1080p, active 3d) tv and left a nice little hole in it that now has a bright white light shining out of it. I rang the home insurance people today and they are sending someone out to take a...
  6. O

    Panasonic TH-xxCX800 owners thread.

    Having just purchased this set. I thought It'd be a good idea to commence an owners thread. I have found the set to have an amazing picture quality. It has also just been given the 'highly recommended' award in the 2016 sound+image awards (behind the LG OLED) for the TVs over $4000.00 AUD. The...
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