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  1. ImSpartacus

    Question Optoma UHD50 Searching for Source When Starting 4k HDR content

    So, my current setup is Xbox One X > Onkyo TXNR656 > Optoma UHD50. I have noticed that whenever I start a 4k HDR movie with both the blu-ray player or streaming the projector will search for a source. It always finds it and plays the content without issue, but I guess I would just prefer a more...
  2. TheRoverdog

    Question Epson TW9300 Gaming and Sky Q 4K HDR Question

    I am currently looking to pick up a 2nd hand TW9300 (wanted thread in Projector Classifieds) - But I have a question following on from a fellow (very nice) Forum member who enlightened me about the HDMI Frequency issue with the TW9300 and using PS4 (and probably PS5) and Xbox one (and probably...
  3. A

    Best all-in-one solution for streaming downloaded 4k HDR files and 1080p upscaling?

    We have a new Vizio MQ8. A good chunk of our content is downloaded. Some 4k HDR stuff, also plenty of regular 1080p rips. Yesterday picked up an x700 which plays back the 4k HDR content from a flash drive beautifully. The upscaling for 1080p looks excellent too. Obviously the catch here is...
  4. A

    Question Using a HDMI Matrix/Switch to route video to a 4K HDR capable TV and audio to an old HD (not 4K) capable amplifier (Onky TX-NR818) will that work?

    Currently I have the following sources a Nvidia ShieldTV, PS4Pro and SetTopBox connected to my amplifier. The amplifier is connected to my TV. The amplifier does not allow to forward 4K video to the TV. The TV is eARC capable but the amplifier is just plain ARC capable. So connecting the sources...
  5. A

    "Real 4K HDR Test Pattern: Brightness stress test" via YouTube App

    I just ran the following video on my 2020 Frame via the built-in YouTube app, and I was able to see all 5 steps (100, 400, 1000, 2000, 4000 nits) with significant jumps in brightness between each. I didn't think the Frame would be capable of displaying over 1,000 nits since its panel appears to...
  6. K


    Any device I use streaming 4K or HDR (ex. my cable providers decoder which streams in 4K or 4K Apple TV or Netflix) I lose the rich vibrant live colors/look on the screen, the screen looks like there is a mist over it, black color for an example tend to be kinda grayish, the whole screen looks...
  7. N

    60" 4k HDR 2019-2020 TV - Recommendation

    Hi guys. Do to chimney size in place, i need a 60" TV to fit on it. Previously owned Hisense 65" TV, but it was as big as the chimney wide, so now i need a smaller one. Which one you recommemd to be a best buy? Want a decent one, realiable, and i am not looking after expensive stuff. Price to be...
  8. J

    Question Best basic 55" 4k hdr tv

    Hello My brother needs a new 55" 4k hdr tv, and i thought that this forum is the best possible way to find out. Budget is limited around 500€ My personal experiences with Samsung are mixed The last one is a 65js9000 of 2016, wich has 2 panels changed on warranty the first 2 years, and an older...
  9. T

    Best OLED #1500 Sony AG8 (KD-55AG8) or Philips 55OLED804 4K HDR OLED TV

    I'm about to invest in a new TV & was thinking about either the Philips 55OLED804 4K HDR OLED TV or Sony AG8 (KD-55AG8) . Now I do love the ambilight feature I have on my current TV but now Philips have released the new Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync box Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box NAM | Hue I...
  10. T

    Question ZAPPITI PRO 4K HDR

    what are the main differences between Zappiti PRO 4K HDR and Zappiti One SE 4K HDR other than Pro takes 2 Hard Drives
  11. BAN5HEE

    Hisense H75B7510UK 75-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

    I'm currently looking for a 75" for our new house and it's a two horse race between the LG 75UK6200PLB and the Hisense H75B7510UK I'm pretty stumped at which one to choose as they're both up for £999. I already own the 65" Hisense and it's a great TV and the menus are easy and intuitive, but...
  12. Jabolo

    Question Best budget sound system under £250

    I am not in the UK and have little choice within my budget through local stores. This is for upgrading from (Hisense 55" A6100) TV speakers, to use with PS4 Pro (4k gaming), Netflix, USB movies and music from phone/tablet, in a moderately large. irregularly shaped and empty bedroom except for a...
  13. Olmeister

    I need HDR

    I posted about wanting HDR several months ago and quickly found out it wasn't as simple (or cheap) to just buy a TV you like the look of advertising HDR capability. Besides being a good TV this would ideally be for gaming what with games already giving HDR capabilities and the new generation of...
  14. S

    Xbox one x 4K passthrough Denon AVR-x3400

    Hello guys. I recently was gifted an Xbox one x over the holidays and I have been fighting trying to get it set up ever since. My system comprises of a Denon AVR-X3400H receiver, Sony Bravia xbr65x750d tv, and a Sony blue ray player. I have the receiver connected to the HDMI3/ARC port of the tv...
  15. Captain Blazkowicz

    Question Need help with my Pioneer VSX LX-302 AVR

    Hi everyone, I got some doubts regarding my Pioneer VSX LX-302. Hope I could get some answers here. Found nothing relative anywhere in net. Any help is greatly appreciated. My gear: Sony X930e 65” TV VSX LX302 AVR Boston acoustics speakers PS4 Pro Xbox one X Nvidia SHIELD TV Mid-level PC All...
  16. Lenere118

    Question Best tv for 4K HDR gaming / streaming

    Hi all, I’m moving into a new house soon and need to buy a new tv for the living room. I do have a LG 43UK63 boxed I was going use but I don’t think it’s big enough. Was thinking of getting 55” and I don’t want to spend over £1000. What would anyone reccomend for a tv for this scenario (4K...
  17. Goldorak

    New 4K HDR TV Conundrum

    SONY 49xf90 should reach 850 very soon. Best of the Bunch as fald and you can read about it. Should have Oreo which will hopefully improve things
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