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  1. F

    PS5 / Samsung TV / Sony AV Receiver - Can’t always get 5.1 - why??

    Hi All, I’ve been try to fix this issue for a while and I’m stumped. Here is the gear I have: TV - Samsung QE65Q6F PS5 console AV Receiver - SONY STRDH790 I’ve got the PS5 console hooked directly up to the TV and the TV ouputting to the AV receiver via hdmi on Anynet+. If I’m streaming...
  2. J

    Connecting up a 4K Blu Ray player

    This may be obvious, but I thought I’d check. I have a Sony A9 tv, a 5.1 receiver (well it’s 9.1, but that sounds a bit pretentious), and am thinking of what DVD player to get. The main difference between the current offerings seems to be the amount of processing that they do. But since the tv...
  3. A

    Physical Media Research

    Hi there! I'm a fellow disc enthusiast and am currently writing my university thesis on physical media (DVD/Blu-ray/4k Blu-ray). It is a marketing paper that is trying to generate ideas to keep physical relevant in the marketplace. I'm really keen to interview some fellow disc buyers and...
  4. El_MUERkO

    Your UHD Blu-Ray Wishlist

    The movies you'd most like to see get the full UHD HDR Blu-Ray treatment. Sorry if there's already a thread like this, I did search for one without success :)
  5. midknight

    Braveheart 4K UHD

    Looks like Braveheart (along with Gladiator) is coming to 4k in May in the US at least! Sony announces The Patriot & Fury for 4K, plus Amazon pre-orders for 2001, Braveheart & Gladiator 4K
  6. P

    Best mid range 4k Blu Ray Player 2021?

    Been a while since I've looked into 4k Blu Ray Players, is the Panasonic 820 still the best combination of features for the price or has anything better come out recently in a similar price range? Thanks, Pete
  7. S

    Xbox series x 4K blu ray blackout

    So, recently I purchased the xbox series x and last night decided to watch my first 4K movie the Matrix. I watch on my LG CX oled 55”. It was fine for about 20 minutes then the screen went black and the sound worked and menu still worked. I of course restarted the xbox and the app which would...
  8. M

    Total Recall 4k Blu Ray (UK Version), no Dolby Vision??

    Hey all Just received my steelbook Total Recall UHD, but checked the back of the box and the disc to find no sign of it being in Dolby Vision. Even though the reviews all state it is indeed in DV. Anyone else got this copy to confirm DV? Many thanks!
  9. P

    Samsung TV not switching to HDR10+ for blu rays?

    Hi Everybody, I was having a problem with my Samsung TV (RU8000) that I found a solution to. I couldn't find the problem being discussed online, which made finding a solution difficult. Since I now know how to solve the problem, I thought I'd share both the issue I was dealing with and the...
  10. SonoriusMaximus

    Your favourite antiquity movies

    Hello guys, I am a geek for greco-roman antiquity, i also study Latin. Now i want to see a bit of reception of the topics in 20th and 21st century TV and cinema (preferably on Blu-Ray :) Films i have Troy Immortals Rome (TV show) Jason and the Argonauts Ulysses (with Kirk Douglas) Percy...
  11. J

    Recommendations for 4k Bluray player with Atmos decoding.

    Looking for recommendations for an Atmos decoding 4k player for my Panasonic HZ1500. Nothing high end as I don't have a sound system.
  12. C


    If a 4k bluray (or even standard bluray) states dolby atmos or dtsx, will it use every speaker available in your system or stick to what it says on the case? I have a lgsn11rg 7.1.4 soundbar so if a 4k bluray states dolby atmos or dtsx will it use my whole 7.1.4 system or not? Thanks :)...
  13. P

    PS5 UHD Player vs Dedicated UHD player

    Hi, first time posting so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I've recently bought a PS5 and I was wondering if it's worth getting rid of my Panasonic DMP-UB300 4k player now? Both feed in to a Yamaha RX-V383 receiver. Is it generally better to use a dedicated player for 4k discs or does...
  14. N

    Question Can I pass the sound of a 4k blu ray player through an hdmi arc output(!) of a HTiB receiver?

    Greetings experts, years ago I felt like being stupid so I bought the prebuilt Sony BDv E6100 5.1. system from sony which has served me adequately so far. However i want to upgrade to 4k and plan to buy the LG UBK90 blu ray player for that. Here´s my plan: Either: the LG player has seperate...
  15. kippax

    4k blu ray player?

    Hi all, I'm getting a 4k tv next week and was wanting some guidance on 4k blu ray players. Is there a guide on here? (dodge has a fantastic one for Tv's that's been very informative and helped me choose a tv) I'm hoping not to spend a huge ammount on a player as it will probably be the least...
  16. Waynester

    Question 4K Blu Ray player needed, advice on which one?

    Evening 😊 I got a credit of £250 onto my Argos card from their head office as an apology, bought a bloody hoover off em and had issues with rude staff, I’ve since bought a new one, so I’ve a nice £250 to spend but can ONLY spend in Argos obviously... any 4K Blu Ray Players worth a buy off their...
  17. Nevakonaza

    4K Bluray Player suggestion.

    Good morning Been thinking about getting a 4k Bluray player for a while now to go with my QLED Samsung QE55Q6FAM. Not really after a high end one, doesn't even have to have smart features I don't see the point in YouTube etc on a player when it's built into the TV anyway, so a standard 4k...
  18. JohnMac328

    Panasonic 4k Blu ray player - no sound after watching movie

    I have a strange circumstance that is happening with two different models of Panasonic 4k players. I watch a movie and all is good, then I go back to Directtv and there is no sound. What I have to do is unplug the HDMI connection to the TV and plug it back in. Then the sound comes back. I...
  19. nugget2014

    Question Not getting dolby atmos via 4k blu ray player

    With my old TV it worked fine now I setup my q90t and I don't get atmos via uhd discs, my ubd k8500 player hasn't been changed at all, the audio from player is hdmi 2 to the av and the video straight to TV via hdmi 1. What am I doing wrong? I only get stereo or dolby surround, no atmos or truehd.
  20. simonjanda

    Question 4k Bluray Advice

    Hiya Im after a new Bluray player and need a bit of help with what i think i want and whats available. I 'want' a 4k native player, must have 3D and 2D to 3D conversion. ?Also have the ability to upscale 2k to 4k. Theres a few with similar spec BUT are 4k upscalers. From what ive been reading a...
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