1. Risky24

    For Sale Pulse 3D Headset ×2

    Hello all, this is my first time posting in these forums. I have been observing how it works on here and reading on the rules etc. and hopefully haven't missed anything. I have 2 Pulse 3D headsets which I purchased from Argos last month. One is still sealed in the box and the other is opened...
  2. A

    For Sale LG 55" 3D OLED - OLED55E6V

    I'm selling my 55" 3D OLED E6 as its been powered off since i've upgraded to a 65" version of it. No issues at all, no burn in. 3D works perfectly. Well looked after, no damage. Comes with the LG Magic Remote. Let me know if you need any specific pictures, but i've tried to cover most...
  3. sembul

    3D Performance of HD LCD Televisions

    What do you think about 3D Performance of HD LCD Televisions. Which one is the best? Thank you!
  4. cjx

    For Sale Pulse 3d headset

    These arrived yesterday . Proof of purchase can be provided electronically. I tried them for half an hour and decided I couldn't get on with them. A bit tight around the ears for me. Still have the box and packaging so as new.Just want to get my money back so asking is £90. Can be picked up...
  5. Rawschach

    For Sale A couple of 4k bargains and a 3d disc needing a good home

    Good Morning, i have the following for sale: Deadpool 2 4k disc only - £5 Spiderman Homecoming - 4k disc and box (does not include the blu ray) - £4 Aquaman 3d disc only - £4 Deadpool 2 blu ray disc only - £3
  6. S

    Looking for a projector with 3D

    Hi, The 3D function on my LG OLED has become faulty now and LG say even if they do repair it, the 3D function will be lost as they do not manufacture them anymore. I would still like to be able to watch my 3D movie collection and was thinking of getting a projector. I really do not know too...
  7. zantarous

    Super Mario 3D World

    Kind of looks like Bowser Fury has Mario Odyssey style sandbox controls/view and gameplay.
  8. B

    Post the best 3D pop out effects movies both regular and nature movies

    Please share your favorite and the best 3D movies with the best pop out effects. I want to find the best nature movies and regular movies that has the most cool and fun effects.
  9. D

    Stream 3D Movie

    Hi Everyone, Need your help to stream 3D blu-ray movies (iso file) to my Jvc x5000 projector. The hardware I have: Apple TV PS4 2 laptops, one with Nvidia RTX 2060 video card and the other with Nvidia GTX 940MX video card. I try to stream with PowerDVD but But the software shows that there is...
  10. kenshingintoki

    How would you describe 3D Blurays?

    I find it very difficult to describe 3D to people. How do you guys explain it? I think for me, its like looking at a portal into another dimension rather than a good picture. OLED TVs give some depth to a flat image. 3D images just seem to give a... tangible depth. Its what I think OLED TVs...
  11. nisnos

    For Trade Epson EH-TW9000 3D Projector 419 hrs

    Hi As per the title A great unit in excellent condition with 2 pairs of glasses and box etc I require a short throw projector (laser or 3lcd) as the new house requires this! £750 if a simple sale or trade for a short throw as mentioned
  12. N

    For Sale Panasonic Plasma TX-P50ST60B 3D TV with accessories

    Selling my trusted Panasonic Plasma TX-P50ST60B. I bought this direct from Panasonic's ebay store June 2014 and it's worked perfectly ever since. My flat is a smoke and pet free environment. I have the original remote, pedestal stand and 2 pairs of 3D glasses. As you can see in the photo, bias...
  13. tigermad

    For Sale Elegoo Mars resin 3D printer

    I am selling the above kit. Only used a handful of times. Comes with the printer, spare FEP sheets, bread bin uv cabinet (not shown), 2 containers of IPA for cleaning, 4 bottles of resin (approx 0.6l of maroon, approx 0.6l grey, approx 0.25l of red and white), latex gloves, straining basket...
  14. F

    Viewsonic x10-4k 3D glasses

    Hi Does anyone know how to pair of dlp glasses with this projector. Can’t find any info anywhere. many thanks Ben
  15. kenshingintoki

    IR vs RF Vs BT? 3D glasses

    Hi, I have an epson 9300 PJ. I'm looking for some new 3D glasses. As far as I know, RF glasses do the job. What about RF-bluetooth glasses? As they the same thing...
  16. J

    Don’t know how to set up Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Xbox one

    Please can someone help. I’m a real novice at gaming but have bought my son squadrons and a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Christmas. Reviews say the joystick is compatible with the game but I can’t get the joystick to respond at all on the Xbox one when plugged into the usb slot. No...
  17. kenshingintoki

    Which 3D films are better than Avatar?

    Any 3D films you think better than Avatar or on-par? From what I've watched, I feel 'Enchanted Kingdom' runs it pretty close and has me in awe at times.
  18. Bioshock174

    For Trade Pulse 3D Headphones

    Brand new still sealed. Purchased a spare this morning and I no longer need them. Will be posting using Royal Mail Special delivery. Looking for Playstation things for trade. Mainly Vita or older style Playstation stuff. First refusal to @barney007 Will also consider a trade.
  19. Coulson

    For Sale Blu-rays discs with Atmos, Some 3D discs, Lots of 2D

    Blu-ray (disc only) with ATMOS £3 13 Hours 1917 frostrich Alita Battle Angel Jason Aquaman Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (plus code*) Fantastic Beasts 2 Jason Godzilla King of Monsters Jason Hobbs & Shaw Jason IT Chapter One John Wick 3 Jason Justice League Midway Hampy1972 Pacific...
  20. Flicks

    For Sale Epson TW9300 4K Enhanced 3D LCD Projector

    Epson EH-TW9300 projector in black in unmarked condition with 932 hours on the original bulb projector approx 4 years old including remote control,quick start manual and mains plug lead with original box prefer collection but might post item. 2years warranty left as Epson carried out complete...
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