3-D or 3D or 3d may refer to:

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  1. F

    For Sale Sony VPL-VW520ES 4K 3D Projector

    4K 3D Projector with 1605 hours on original lamp which is rated at 6000 hours life. Has been ceiling mounted and is from pet and smoke free home. In perfect working order. Comes with 2X Samsung 3D Glasses. 3X LCD panels so no rainbow effect that can be annoying to some. Full specs from...
  2. G

    For Sale Panasonic DMP BDT110 Blu Ray player with 3D support, some smart features

    Panasonic DMP BDT110 blu ray player (1080p max) with support for 3D movies. Full working order but there are some scratches to the front panel and top cover.
  3. the_quick

    For Sale Pulse 3d Headphones

    Great headphones but I hardly use them. Very good condition. Will be packed in an original box Come from a smoke and pets free home. Delivery £3 by Hermes/Evri
  4. MovieBoy75

    For Sale FREE - Sunlu S9 3D printer + dryer box

    Hi All, This item is free and to be collected from Colchester. It is a Sunlu S9 3D printer with dryer box. ITEM IS FREE Bought brand new from EBay just over a month ago but it is faulty. No power at all. Might be a fuse etc but not got time to diagnose. EBay seller refunded me so I don’t want...
  5. xenomorph1

    Wanted Lg Hx995tz ….. need new main board or 3d Blu-ray player please !

    Hi all , I have this system LG Hx995tz from 2010 , and I’m looking for either a new main board ( EAX63427005 ) or a replacement main unit . When turned on it repeatedly says …. “ please wait “….. and never goes further than that . Upon scouring the net , my only option is the new main board as...
  6. C

    Question Does the DA daz260 home cinema play blue ray 3d DVDs

    Does the DAz dv260 home cinema play blue rar 3d dvds
  7. Astonman1007

    For Sale JVC D-ILA X500RBE 4K e-Shift 3 / 3D Projector Excellent Condition In Original Box

    This is a well cared for projector in very good condition fully working with a superb picture quality being a 4K e-Shift 3 model. I am the second owner and have owned this for just over 5 years now in my living room cinema set up. It's been well cared for and loved. The first owner was also an...
  8. Uncle cuddles

    Watching 3D Blu-ray ISOs on Meta Quest 3

    Just to make you aware that you can now watch your 3D blu-ray backups in full resolution on your Meta Quest 3. I backed up all my 3D blu-rays using MakeMKV backup mode and then created ISOs using ImgBurn. I play these ISOs back on my3D TV using a Dune HD media player. I tried all the video...
  9. A

    Westinghouse 50´´ stuck on Android logo.

    Hello Guys I got a Westinghouse 50inches 4k 3D. I bought it nearby 2018, a few days ago It went off and now when I turn it on, it stucks on Android LOGO, the model is ill attach some images. Try to flash it, with the firmware, but dont know how to use it, as the softwares for the burn image do...
  10. Craft

    Wanted LG OLED E6 3D (55" or 65")

    Hello I'm looking for an LG OLED E6 3D television in either the 55 inch or 65 inch model. LG OLED55E6V or LG OLED65E6V Excellent condition a must and should have no noticeable screen burn or discolouration. Original stand: Required Original Remotes: Required Original box: Not required but nice...
  11. H

    Question JVC AG3 3D Glasses battery replacement ( is it possible)?

    Has anyone tried to change the battery in the JVC PK - AG3 3D glasses. Mine will not charge and I would like to repair them if possible it seems such a waste.
  12. Dave Taylor

    UHD35 & 3D, what glasses

    Hi I have had my UHD35 for a while now, been given a couple of 3D blurays, any advice on what glasses do I need, just interested in what its like, never been a great fan of 3D. So would like to buy some cheap glasses from Ebay etc. I assume the projector has the emitter built in?
  13. 8

    Question Need workaround to get 3d on denon avr2308ci

    My denon avr2308ci cannot play 3d content. I want to to stream 3d movies to my projector when i try splitting the hdmi signal with a switch the switch defaults to the denon as it is the lesser input ( if that makes sense) so the picture is like unwatchable and I need the audio otherwise I could...
  14. RobTi

    Epsom 9300 and 3D

    Trying to play a 3D rip from Plex on unraid server into apple 4K into denon 4500 AVR to the Epsom but the menu is greyed out, any ideas to save setting up the dvd player again ? Thanks
  15. Enigma2k4

    Question New to 3D printing. Printing error help

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to 3D printing. My GF got me a printer for Christmas (I think I will have to wife her soon.... best prezzie EVER!). It's all be perfectly smooth for about a month, no issues whatsoever. I've really been enjoying it. However, recently, I am having some challenges with the...
  16. P

    Question 3D on Projector via AV Amp with none 3D TV in chain?

    I have an issue where I cannot watch 3D content on my Projector due to my TV(which does not supporting 3D), both connected to the output of Denon 3800 Amp, I get a lovely message about my display does not support 3D content or similar and effectively this blocks the content from showing. In the...
  17. Rocketrazor

    Question Epson TW9400 3D issues?

    Evening All, I'm having a few issues with the 3D picture on my Epson TW9400, it's a little disappointing :(. Watched Blade Runner 2049 the other day and noticed a few issues with the 3D. Tried the disc and the same glasses on my 50GT50 TV and there is a definite quality difference, the GT50...
  18. B


    I bought a 55" LG 3D TV seven years ago. It cost £2500.00 from Currys. About 3 years ago it stopped updating. Browser 'out of date', many sites don't load any more. Can anyone update this great TV ? 3D TV's are no longer made, so I am very disappointed that LG now choose to kill off this TV...
  19. schizophonic

    Question Polk Audio OWM3 or Wharfedale D300 3D Black Surround Speaker

    Polk cost more for the pair but which one would you choose for a surround speaker? I've been reading up on some reviews on the polk and its really mixed, great on several sites, poor on several others. Can't find much online on the Wharfedale.
  20. R

    Atmos / Auro 3D stteaming on PC linked to audio interface

    Hi. Please can someone tell me if its possible to play Atmos and Auro 3D content on a PC directly from streaming services such as Netflix (or other) without the need for a separate AVR? I'm currently building a home studio for recording and mixing music and it will have enough monitors to...
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