3d glasses

  1. R1KEB

    Which 3D glasses - Optoma CinemaX P2 4K UST

    Just about to buy an Optoma P2 UST but before I do there’s just like to check something. It states that it’s full 3D but I can’t make out whether it passive or active. I’ve got a load of passive glasses but if I need active ones would appreciate it if someone could advise where to get a decent...
  2. Lewie

    For Sale 5 pairs of Panasonic 3D glasses

    I have 5 pairs of Panasonic glasses don’t think they’ve been used hardly at all 2 pairs of active glassine with boxes, manual and charge cables and 3 pairs of passive
  3. D

    Optoma HD29HE but what 3D glasses

    Brought the Optoma HD29HE for family movies and we are in the process of looking at 3D blue ray players. One thing we need and are not sure on is which 3D glasses are needed to enjoy the movie. There will be little light from outside the room the projector will located. .there I read about DLP...
  4. M

    Wanted Epson 3D glasses for TW9300

    As per title has anyone got any Epson 3D glasses they would like to sell.
  5. J

    3D Video Playback on non-3D / current TVs?

    Hi there, I've been thinking about this for some time now, but my search for it sadly come up empty mostly (any pointers would be much appreciated!): As to my knowledge, current TVs don't support neither passive nor active 3D Video Playback any more, instead raising screen resolution (4K and...
  6. D

    Benq w1070 Projector 3d glasses issue

    Hi Guys I need some help please. I have bought a 2nd hand Benq W1070 projector and got myself 2 pairs of Ebay 3d glasses (2X 3D Glasses Active Shutter for All DLP Projector BenQ Acer Optoma HD243X JmGo). When I play a 3d SBS movie on my laptop in VCL or PowerDVD via HDMI to the projector and...
  7. Olly Day

    Epson TW7100 projector, what Epson 3D glasses will work?

    Hi Guys, I bought the Epson H-TW7100 projector last year and want to purchase some Epson 3D active glasses for it, I am currently using some Samsung ones and they are good. I wondered if the Epson ones would be any better. I bought a new pair of Epson ELPGS01 3D Glasses Active Projector IR...
  8. J

    3D Glasses for Epson TW7000

    Hi all, I’m looking to get a couple of pairs of 3D glasses for my new Epson TW7000 but no idea what type. Can anyone recommend? with thanks, james
  9. T

    Which 3D glasses?

    I'm not a bit watcher of 3D content but my projector supports it so was thinking that I may as well get a few pairs. Happy with 2nd hand from eBay etc Can anyone recommend some please or let me know what type i need perhaps? I have an Epson tw7000 projector going onto a sapphire screen. Thanks
  10. kenshingintoki

    3D Glasses review RF

    So, I've been through most 3D glasses now so I thought I'd do a thread just detailing my thoughts and impressions on them. This is more a thread maybe someone will search for in a couple of years or sporadically and will help with purchasing decisions. XPAND X105 HiSHOCK Scarlet Heaven HiSHOCK...
  11. F

    Viewsonic x10-4k 3D glasses

    Hi Does anyone know how to pair of dlp glasses with this projector. Can’t find any info anywhere. many thanks Ben
  12. kenshingintoki

    IR vs RF Vs BT? 3D glasses

    Hi, I have an epson 9300 PJ. I'm looking for some new 3D glasses. As far as I know, RF glasses do the job. What about RF-bluetooth glasses? As they the same thing...
  13. kenshingintoki

    Hishock Black Diamond 3D glasses

    hi has anyone got any experience with these? I bought the RF pro ones to pair with my Epson 9300 and they won't pair. I have held down the button for 20 seconds.. no go... my other hishock scarlets pair so fast. the actual glases are okay, the black bits at the end give a bit more immersion...
  14. Gerry557

    3d glasses for Epson tw7300

    I'm interested in getting some 3d glasses for an Epson 7300 I remember bits of coloured card at the cinema but it there something slightly better. Plus is there some clip on's for spectacle wearing types. What do you lot use or is 3d not a thing anymore
  15. SaintPriva

    Noob asks Questions? $5,000 4k Short throw Projector.

    Hi everyone I am new to hometheater and want to join in! These are a few questions I have and any answers are greatly appreciated. PROJECTOR: LG HU85LA ULTRA SHORT THROW - I have full control over lighting where it will be used Do all projectors have the ability for 3D? (the LG HU85LA in...
  16. G

    Question 3D glasses buying advice

    Hey, my girlfriend has recently picked up a 3D TV second-hand, and we're looking to test out it's 3D capabilities at some point. However, the telly didn't come with any glasses, so we will need to buy them separately (we need active ones). I was wondering if anyone could recommend any? Does it...
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