3d glasses

  1. Azh

    For Sale 120" 16x9 electric motorised screen with control panel & remote - £50

    Hi, doing a refurb so have the following up for sale: -comes with 120" electric motorised screen with remote / plug etc, can be controlled from the unit itself or supplied remote slight curl at the edges on the black surround, as it's a none tensioned screen little curl it is expected...
  2. Olly Day

    Question Which 3D glasses for new Epson TW 7100 projector?

    I am about to upgrade my 12 year old Panasonic a X-100 projector for either the Epsom TW 7100 or TW 700. Can’t afford to buy new 6 new Epsom 3D glasses @ £80. Each. Can anyone recommend a good alternative that work well with their Epson projector please. At the moment, i’m looking at either...
  3. MaxReboh

    For Sale Panasonic GT60 Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote **SOLD**

    Excellent Condition Panasonic GT60 for sale. Only due to upgrade to a 4K tv. Comes with the Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote Warranty expired - Jan 2019 See pictures for condition. Cash on collection.
  4. MaxReboh

    For Sale 50" Panasonic GT50 With Original Stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote *SOLD".

    Excellent condition GT50 for sale. Only selling as upgraded to a 4K TV. Comes with the original stand 2 x 3D Glasses, Bluetooth Touch Pen and Remote Collection Only from Bookham,Surrey
  5. L

    Optoma HD143X What 3D glasses do I need

    Hi Everyone I have just bought the optoma HD143x and was wondering what 3D glasses I need for this device please, do I also need to buy an emitter? thank you
  6. Gg1888

    Question Ps50c490b3wxxu 3d glasses help

    So after a decade this tv has been passed over to me from my mom.and dad for my wee boys room originally i remember the tv being 3d and unsure as to which models of glasses are needed series wise Seen the ssgp2100 t then 2200 ax and apparently the 3 series works or can the newer 5 series of...
  7. D

    For Sale SOLD - JVC DLA-X3 & 3D Glasses with Emitter

    Please find for sale this Black JVC DLA-x3 which is in great condition. It comes with original box and all the packaging, remote and power lead. I am the second owner, I purchased it off these forums - https://www.avforums.com/threads/jvc-x-3-projector-with-brand-new-spare-bulb.2051783/page-2...
  8. F

    best 3d glasses for optoma projector

    any opinions thank you
  9. LBOY29

    3d glasses for LG 60PM6700 MODEL

    Does anyone know of any alternative 3D glasses that I can use besides the one that actually comes what that tv model..which are ag-s350 3d glasses
  10. A

    For Sale Sony hw40es 3d glasses

    New not used glasses for hw40es
  11. G

    UHD51 3D glasses

    Hello Apologies as haven’t been on for ages. I am getting an Optoma UHD51 on Friday and I’m going to need 3D glasses, I’ve found genuine Optoma glasses but I’m interested to know which aftermarket ones are available please
  12. Tarry500

    Looking for 3d glasses

    Hi, I'm looking for more 3d glasses for my panasonic tv. The glasses model number is TY-ER3D5ME, there is one pair on ebay but I'm looking for 2 pairs. Its a long shot but does anyone have any they no longer use? Or know of any alternative ones that are compatible? Thank you
  13. M

    Video glasses - please help a noob

    Hey guys. I have an issue I hope there is somebody in here, that might be able to help me out with. When I am laying in my beed when my wife sleeps, I want to be able to watch tutorials from udemy or youtube. If I use an Ipad, my wife will wake up. So my question is: Is there some kind of...
  14. T

    What 3D glasses will work with my Optoma HD141X

    without having to buy the transmitter (DLP)?
  15. vonkobalus

    Question 3D glasses recommendation for SONY VPL-VW760ES

    Hi, I have SONY VPL-VW760ES, very satisfied with it, and would like to watch some 3D movies from time to time (I'm not a big fan of 3D, but anyway). Can somebody recommend me which active 3D glasses should I go for? If I understand correctly, the projector is using "RF active shutter...
  16. thefourthalien

    All LG Active 3D Glasses Compatible?

    Hello - been given a nice LG Plasma TV [50PZ550T], sans glasses. Been told I need the LG AG-S250 active shutter glasses to pair with the TV. I see that I can find quite a few 2nd hand, at varying prices. My question is would a similar pair (ie AG-S360) work just as well or not at all?
  17. skitzy0

    Question Help with screen for Sony VPL-VZ1000ES

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me the best active 3D glasses for the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES also the best fixed 120" screen to use.
  18. philip1965

    3d glasses

    Hi folks i just got the Optoma 143 x and was wondering if you could recommend cheap 3d specs to wear. thanks.
  19. D

    Question Are these genuine Samsung 3D glasses?

    Hi all, Based are the 2 pictures below, would you say these are genuine Samsung SG-5100GB 3D glasses?
  20. G

    Sintron 3D glasses with HD33

    I recently bought these glasses: [Sintron] ST07-BT Rechargeable 2X 3D Active Glasses for Optoma ZF2300 3D Glasses 617923725806 | eBay I contacted the seller as the auction stated they work with Optoma zf2300 glasses. I checked with them and they assured me they work with the Bs300 emitter. But...
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