1. J

    Network layout - routers, switches, clients

    Hi. I'm very much a layman when it comes to networking but I'm trying to optimise my setup at home. I have full fibre broadband coming into the house (but only at 300Mbps) to the Openreach ONT on the front wall. The house has a Cat6 cable run from that wall through to the lounge only. So I have...
  2. darren68uk

    1gbe or 10gbe switch

    I’m currently on 900mb BT fibre, and run a cat6a cable from the BT router to my 1gbe switch four all my home cinema stuff, which there’s quite a bit, i do a lot of 4k streaming, and am just in the middle of upgrading all the cables including the hdmi cables to certified 8k ones for future...
  3. Arfa

    10GBase-T network switch and NICs

    I'm in the middle of laying down ethernet cable around a new house and decided to use cat6a cable, patch panel, and sockets to future proof things for 10Gigabit. I still only have a 1 Gigabit switch and NICs in all the computers in the house, and although I know its all backward compatible, I...
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