1. Sutch

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 1080p HD plasma and original wall mount

    Pioneer plasma 50 inch TV for sale. Perfect condition. Bought from new and only one owner. Remote control, instructions and the original pioneer wall mount. An absolute stunner of a set with near perfect blacks. It costs me over £3k when new and receipt is included. Can outrun most tvs these...
  2. woody10381

    Do 1080p non-HDR TVs still exist?

    Hi all, hopefully someone will be able to provide some clarity on this? Unusually, I'm looking for a budget, low end tv for a guest bedroom - so my requirements are fairly basic in that all I'm really bothered about is smart functionality, wi-fi connectivity, full-HD (1080p) and 32". I'm fully...
  3. C

    Advice on used 1080p projectors.

    Hello all! I'm trying to get in to the projector game but I'm drowning in the sea of options available. I'm planning on putting a 78" screen in my spare room and I'm looking to match it with a 1080p projector. The room will be darkened etc and be a dedicated viewing room. It will mostly be...
  4. aweir14150

    My TCL 4K TV is showing up as "1080p" in the settings and in those Android screen resolution checker apps.

    I purchased an open box TCL 43S434 4K TV from Bestbuy. I have it set up and it seems to work fine except for one peculiar issue. The TV shows as 1080p in all the apps I have downloaded from Google Play. The apps that I have used to verify if the screen is in fact 4K are ResCheck and AIDA64. Both...
  5. M

    New 1080p projectors?

    Hi all ****** TLDR: Is it worth "upgrading" a 1080P projector to... another 1080P projector? Do they do them with HDR? Would it be cheaper than a 4K one, or have economies of scale actually made 1080P projectors more expensive? ****** I do go on a bit, sorry... I've had a projector for...
  6. joeu1998

    Dual Output AV Receiver for 1080p TV & 4K Projector: Recommendations

    I am quite new to the AV world, having recently purchased an Epson TW9400 and now finding myself in the middle of setting up our home theatre. I do not yet have an AV receiver but I’m looking to purchase one, so that I can send our firestick, PS4, etc to either our TV or projector, without...
  7. P

    Low resolution on 1080p cameras I added to H.264 hybrid DVR

    I've added some extra 1080p cameras to a 16ch Home DVR and they're showing lower resolution than the old 720p Cameras that I already have on it. The DVR specs show it can take the highest res of 1080p, Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? (I've added a photo from the system setup I see on an older...
  8. S

    HC5 Mitsubishi 1080p 3d Projector turn off auto iris when broken?

    Hi all, First post for a while as my projector has been broken for a while and left in storage. I'm now clearing up the house and wondered if anyone knew if there was a way to reset the HC5 to turn auto iris off when the PJ is not working. Ive read that the board error I'm getting could be...
  9. C

    Ultra short v Long throw

    Hi all, Its been over 10 years since I last bought a projector (sanyo PLV-Z700), but its finally given up the ghost or at least the bulb has. My current projector is around 4.5m away from a 120in diag/2.7m wide screen, just behind the seating position. Its not a dedicated cinema room, so I am...
  10. djpaulc247

    For Sale Benq W1070 - Low Lamp Hours (660hrs) - SOLD

    Benq W1070 - £225.00 Sold to @MarTaiZen , payment received, projector dispatched 09/11. Great projector, smoke free home, well looked after and only owned by me. - 660 lamp hours. Has been ceiling mounted only. Only selling due to upgrading to an Epson TW7400. 1080p + 3D. I know some...
  11. M

    65" inch battle! - Sony A90J vs Panasonic JZ2000 - which one is best for HD (1080p) and UHD (4K) ???

    In a 65" inch panel battle! - Sony A90J vs Panasonic JZ2000 - which one is best for HD (1080p) and UHD (4K) ??? Anyone compared the two side by side? Phil / Steve - will you guys be reviewing both of these sets (and ideally be comparing them)???
  12. Comer

    4K on JVC projector: 4K eshift vs 1080p with madvr downscaling

    I'm having an issue with 4K HDR mkv files (MPC or Kodi and madvr) in that at approximately 50 minutes into the movie, it pauses for a few seconds. I think this is caused by something making the CPU spike for a few seconds. It happens with the projector receiving a 4K resolution, it doesn't...
  13. alex96

    Game feels like 20 fps while or while not recording, but when recording the footage is a good 60 fps and 1080p but the game is still slow

    Game feels like 20 fps while or while not recording, but when recording the footage is a good 60 fps and 1080p but the game is still slow Hello, when I play a game the frame rate is always very low and choppy, however when I start a recording, the game itself is still really slow and choppy...
  14. S

    Samsung 40" 1080p TV , blurry picture

    Hi all I am just watching the football, and although I don't watch TV much these days (I'm not a footie fan) and I can't believe how blurry the picture is, is this normal ? I do not have Sky box, the aerial is just to the side of my TV I can sit close or far away , and it makes no difference...
  15. C

    Is it worth upgrading from FULL HD 1080P to 4k on a midtier budget

    I've managed to secure myself a PlayStation 5 and I was wondering whether it would be worth upgrading from my LG FULL HD 1080P TV to a 4k tv with a budget of around £500. I've done a little bit of research which seems to suggest the difference is not that much on lower to mid tier 4k sets so I...
  16. mrhagerty

    4K Sony Bravia Displays only HD (1080p)

    I have a 6-year old Sony Bravia XBR-49X800D that is 4K HDR. I seem to be only getting 1080p resolution. Recently read a NT TImes article about 4K TVs downgrading video to HD if you are connecting sound to old technology HMDI AV amp without HDMI I have a Blu ray player connected via HDMI...
  17. J

    Question about Amazon Prime Video app on NOW TV 'black' box - not displaying 1080p

    Hi all, Installed the Amazon Prime Video app onto my NOW TV 'Black Box', and it seems like its only displaying 480p. Because compared to the same video selection screen for Amazon Prime Video on my 1st gen Amazon Fire Stick, it looks much grainer. I've double checked that the master out for...
  18. metronom3

    Dolby Vision limited to 1080p on E6

    I have OLED55E6V and just realised that it can't do 4K & DV together... The Chromecast with Google TV let me know that it will only show in 1080p whilst my fire tv 4k stick just output DV streams in 1080p.. Is there some technical restriction that prevents me using 4K DV
  19. Zeus0909

    1080p gaming

    Looking for some help, I'm trying to play pc games in 1080p on my 4k TV, I'll set the resolution to 1080p in the games settings but the graphics look washed and blurry, the only resolution that looks good and can maintain a good fps is 1440p but comparing my ps4 with a game I have on pc(far cry...
  20. H

    PS5: 4K looks worse than 1080p

    Hi everyone, I have an LG 49SK8000PUA and a PS5. For some reason when I try to play native 4K games like Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition, running them 2160p resolution looks less detailed than running them in 1080p. Any idea why this might be? Thanks in advance.
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