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Freddy Vs Jason DVD Review
SRP: £19.99


The anamorphic
2.35:1 image
of the film is
nothing less
than first rate.
As you'd expect
from a glorified
virtually everything in the film happens
at night, and the transfer doesn't let
it down once. The source print is in
perfect condition, the blacks (of which
there are a hell of a lot) are rock solid,
colours are bold and vivid, plus the
excellent contrast levels ensure
that the image maintains a palpable
three-dimensional quality most other
transfers struggle to achieve.


OK, it's not the most bombastic
Dolby Digital 5.1 EX soundtrack you
will ever hear, but it's still bloody
good. Dialogue is clear, the annoying
nu-metal music blasts through the
speakers with remarkable clarity and
the use of the surround speakers for
ambient effect is perfect. Still wanting
more? Well, once Freddy and Jason
start going at one another, the use of
directional effects in the mix really
picks up and the result is spectacular.


You want extras? Well Entertainment
in Video has provided them. This
two-disc releases follows happily in
the wake of excellent titles like Blade II
and provides plenty of post-movie
entertainment for fans. The first disc is
primarily devoted to the immaculate
transfer of the film itself, but still finds
space to fit in a Jump to a Death
submenu and, even more excitingly,
a wonderful audio commentary by
director Ronny Yu and actors Robert
'Freddy' Englund and Ken 'Jason'
Kirzinger. Still want more? Well, the
second disc is devoted to in-depth
explorations of the making of the film
including no less than 20 deleted/
alternative scenes (including new
opening and closing sequences) with
optional commentary from Ronny Yu
and executive producer Douglas
Curtis, behind-the-scenes featurettes
looking at various aspects of the film's
creation (including screenwriting, set
design, stunts and cinematography),
explorations of the film's visual effects
sequences, storyboard and art
galleries, a music video, plus trailer
and TV spots. As a fan of both
franchises and the film itself, I can't
think of anything more I really wanted
to have access to.Arguably the most entertaining film of 2003,
on a kick-ass disc that fans will love. Sounds
like the Movie of the Month to us!




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