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Waiting for Mugatu

by Casimir Harlow Feb 10, 2016 at 7:26 AM

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    Zoolander 2 Review

    Trying too hard to make its characters relevant for a modern generation, Zoolander 2 forgets its longstanding fans and coasts on lazy jokes until it's far too late.

    In many respects it would have been better to just leave the first movie alone, as the sequel generated tries so hard to appeal to a new audience that it forgets the fans who, after a whopping 15 years, have returned to see whether there really is any magic left in Blue Steel or Magnum. Barely generating more than a couple of laughs in its first hour, Zoolander 2 makes poking fun at 'high' fashion look like a hard task when it really shouldn't be.
    Indeed, despite the return of Ben Stiller's Derek Zoolander - who wears the decade and a half very well - and Owen Wilson's Hansel, and the introduction of a number of game players along the runtime (including an unrecognisable, and barely comprehensible Kristen Wiig, who provokes at least a few chuckles) it takes until the appearance of the first movie's antagonist, Mugatu, for any genuine humour to finally hit the catwalk.

    Zoolander 2
    Perhaps they couldn't get Will Ferrell for the full affair but it's a shame they didn't, because he's undoubtedly the funniest thing about the movie, and actually the most on-point; immediately launching into a series of shouty rants at all the insane stupidity around him, whether at Derek himself (their 'battle of minds' is a high point in the movie) or in his takedown of the irritating hipster who plagues much of the first act. Indeed, it makes you wonder why they couldn't have started with this kind of humour.

    Zoolander 2 takes too long to get going, by which point even devout fans will struggle to retain interest.

    You can see from Ferrell's tirades that there is plenty of amusement to be garnered from taking down modern fashion (or modern lingo - "everything is sick"), and that the film's failure stems largely from the fact that they spend too long re-introducing the two leads (presumably, for a new generation) and forget to actually let them launch into what they were good at first time around. A still gorgeous Penelope Cruz falls by the wayside (with some surprisingly lazy lowbrow humour inflicted upon her - see the poster), a few last-minute cameos try desperately to draw this closer to the first film's wacky wit, and the surprisingly violent (think: Robocop) death of Justin Bieber attempts to give the inescapably stupid plot some modern relevance, but ultimately this is a lacklustre, disappointing sequel which may even rob its predecessor of some of its own magic.

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