X-Men Review

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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

  • In the not to distant future it is realised that certain humans are mutating, and many now have extraordinary special powers. This causes panic amongst the population at large, the fear that these new mutants will one day rule the world, and that humans will be banished as an inferior race. The film does contain underlying themes of race relations and prejudice, the minority against the majority, but thankfully it doesn't preach in any way, it just uses these themes to tell its story. And it is the story which makes Bryan Singers' take on the comic book characters work. He departs from the cliché of rubber suits and wearing underpants over the trousers, for a more realistic take on the world and it works very well. The movie appeals to all, and not just the comic book fanboys, with an excellent cast who give strong performances throughout, mixed with some outstanding action set pieces and more importantly some good humour.
    Most reading this will have seen the movie and many will already own the DVD released last year, so why this new edition?

    The Rundown

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