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by AVForums Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Wrong Turn Review
    Touted as a modern day alternative to the classic Deliverance, this Rob Schmidt directed movie fits quite nicely into that mould. Being similar in theme to the Burt Reynolds led film but having explicit scenes of horror and nastiness (effects supplied by industry legend Stan Winston!) and not a Banjo playing duet in sight. Having a starring cast of nobody in particular, and a relatively minute budget, this came and went without doing massive business at the box office.The story follows a small group of teenagers, who through a automobile accident, become stranded on an isolated rural back road. Rather unfortunately an inbred “family” of cannibals are close to hand and hungry. Once this premise has been established the remainder of the film is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of the youngsters by the mountain men.I have to say that I enjoyed this film, whilst almost instantly forgettable it's short 84 minute time required no effort to sit through. It is well paced and has no relation whatsoever to teen scream flicks of late. It is quite “gritty” and to the point without a sign of Hollywood induced glamour. There are moments of tension and unease and only the dialogue is overly ropey in places.Recommended for those who enjoy a bit of diet-horror.

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