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by AVForums Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Wrong Turn DVD Review
    SRP: £27.95


    With a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen print on one side and a 4:3 print on the other, Fox have given us something to smile about here. The transfer is generally very good with ticks in all the right boxes. Firstly, the colour palette appears very accurate and natural, colours are vivid and saturated, skin tones just “right”. Fine detail definition is excellent extending to the films many darkened scenes. Black depth is almost endless and the contrast range is huge. Grain, noise and compression related artefacts are all absent. Only the slightest presence of edge enhancements and that last zing of sharpness prevent this from being marked higher.
    Wrong Turn Picture


    Despite the obvious low budget nature of this film, we are not in any way sold short via the soundtrack. A mix of full-blooded dynamics and ambient subtlety, it is aggressive, oppressive and incidental The surround channels are kept busy but not constant in discrete effects. Those split surround moments being used judiciously and with good timing, The front soundstage is wide and dynamic and the LFE channel is robust when called upon. Dialogue is both clean and easily discernible and the scoring effective in its simplicity.Overall I thought this soundtrack complemented the on screen action very well, never overblown or detracting - a job well done.
    Wrong Turn Sound


    Spread across both sides of the disc in a manner and presentation that defies any understandable logic we have a selection of extras. Present on both sides we have a full-length commentary by Director Rob Schmidt and stars Desmond Harrington and Elisa Dushku. This swings from the mildly diverting to coma inducing. Next are four short featurettes: Making of Wrong Turn, Babe in the Woods, Stan Winston and finally The Wounds of Wrong Turn. All are very short and lightweight with nothing of any substance whatsoever. Three (poor) deleted scenes can be found which, as is usually the case, shows the need for editing. Finally a Poster Concept Gallery and Theatrical Trailer make up this particular roll call.This is all fairly poor stock with the commentary being the best of the bunch - which is not saying an awful lot really.
    Wrong Turn Extras


    Not a bad movie in any way just not an overly memorable one. Commendable for it's earthy shooting style and general feel. I personally would much rather watch this sort of thing over the likes of Scream and I know What You Did etc. We do get good quality audio and visuals, but this is offset by decidedly average supplemental materials.I feel that this is still a worthwhile addition to any collection for those who like this genre, particularly at the discounted prices it can be found for.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £27.95

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