Without A Trace: Season 2 DVD Review

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by AVForums Apr 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Without A Trace: Season 2 DVD Review
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    Like so many of the more recent US shows, the widescreen image is spot on. Even though the 24 episodes are split across 4 dual sided discs, with 3 episodes per side, I couldn't fault the image from the source material. Artefacts were not noticed and neither were halos. Colours were suitably represented, being vivid when required or muted in the darker scenes and not once did I notice any colour bleed. I didn't notice any graininess to the proceedings and can not find any fault, however, it is not the highest quality transfer, although it is one of the better images for TV shows and as such, my mark reflects this.
    Without A Trace: Season 2 Picture


    Shame that the sound isn't of an equal footing compared to some of its counterparts, as we only have a Dolby 2.0 soundtrack, which decoded to Pro-Logic II on my amplifier. As such this isn't a bad soundtrack, with dialogue clear and precise and never drowned out, with some nice ambient sound effects. I'm not sure if I prefer a stereo mix or the Pro-Logic one, but it is perfectly functional whichever you choose, however, compared to both C.S.I. and 24, which use 5.1 soundtracks, I did find this a shame for such a recent show.
    Without A Trace: Season 2 Sound


    The one and only extra is a 20 minute deleted scenes section, which shows scenes removed from a variety of episodes throughout this entire series. On one hand it's nice to have them, on the other hand, they don't add anything and I'd much rather have heard 20 minutes from the principles reflecting over this season compared to the first one. Disappointing really.
    Without A Trace: Season 2 Extras


    A superb series from a solid show, which when compared to other TV show boxsets, is let down by the soundtrack and miniscule extras. Don't let that put you off as there is much to enjoy here, particularly for fans of C.S.I. - recommended.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £61.99

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