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Without a Paddle Review

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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Without a Paddle Review
    I remember seeing the trailer for this at my local cinema so I had high expectations for this film. Now I do realise that trailers more-often-than-not show the better scenes and quite often portray the film as being far superior than it actually is. This being so, my opinion was not based purely on the content of the trailer, but more on the actors in the movie. Without a paddle stars three comedy actors; namely Seth Green (Austin Powers), Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo) and newcomer Dax Shephard (MTV's Punk'd). These guys have all acted in some very funny shows and films. So to have all three actors in the same movie must be a great idea for a hilariously entertaining popcorn jaunt. Hmm. Yes. Unfortunately this was a very disappointing film.The premise of the movie is that the three guys play childhood friends who are reunited in their thirties when another friend, Billy, dies suddenly. When rummaging around some of their possessions as kids they discover a treasure map left by him. So instead of returning back to their mundane lives, (which are very briefly shown at the beginning), they decide to follow the map in a hunt for the treasure. They hire out a canoe and go off into the great outdoors in search of the fortune.During their hunt they encounter a bear that mistakes one of them for a bear cub, two drugs smugglers who want nothing more than to shoot them, two nature loving girls with hairy legs and a rather grizzly mountain man (Burt Reynolds). What could have been a great film was sadly a very mediocre one. The whole movie seemed to have been constructed as the director went along filming, feeling very disjointed and lacking any proper direction. The majority of the comedy sequences were lifted out of a number of other films and to be honest were a very poor imitation. The actors, to be fair to them, did do the best that they could with a poor script and I cannot deny that I did chuckle out loud on a number of occasions.I can't say I hate this film, nor can I say I particularly like it. It certainly would not be one for my DVD collection. If you must see this film then rent it when it gets resigned to the cheap rentals shelf or catch it when it broadcasts on tv.