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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Without a Paddle Review
    Three friends, Jerry (Lillard), Dan (Green) and Tom (Shepard - from MTV's Punk'd) go on a camping trip which was motivated by the passing of their friend Billy. Billy was obsessed with finding the unaccounted money of famed high-jacker D.B.Cooper, of which only $5800 from $200,000 has ever been accounted for. While reminiscing over their childhood, they discover that Billy had apparently planned the trip for the year before, but due to Tom being unable to make it, the trip was originally postponed. With Billy's subsequent passing, the trip is on! Between running from bears, hillbilly rednecks growing marijuana and meeting two hippie chicks in a tree, this is essentially a road trip, buddy movie.Well if you think Deliverance meets American Pie, you're pretty much there and on some level that's what makes it work and also what makes it suffer. For once, Matthew Lillard is not the most annoying character on screen; he's actually the most grounded and normal, which is kind of worrying. Seth Green is the straight man for the jokes, being a very sensible Doctor, who seems to be a hypochondriac. Dax Shepard however, is incredibly annoying, as his character is dumb beyond belief, which I know is the point but after a while, it does tend to grate. It's also amusing to see Burt Reynolds as a “mountain man”, probably inspired casting given that he was in Deliverance and is pretty amusing when he's on screen. There are a few moments that are funny, but not laugh out funny to me and I'm sure some people will get a kick out of hearing Seth Green's C-3PO impression. This movie, however, is very hit and miss and really it does depend on your sense of humour. If you like juvenile type humour, like American Pie and Road Trip, you will no doubt enjoy this movie, but don't look for any originality. However, if you like your humour more subtle then you may want to consider something else. Still if you need something to pacify teenage kids, this will fit the bill nicely.

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