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Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough Review

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by AVForums Apr 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough Review
    The latest in Sony's growing line of direct to DVD sequels is the second film based on John McNaughton's fun 1998 thriller starring Kevin Bacon and Denise Richards. Last year we were blessed with the first Wild Things sequel starring Susan (The In Crowd) Ward which was entertaining in an extremely bad way. This year, Sony in their infinite wisdom have given us Wild Things 3: Diamonds In The Rough.

    For a direct to DVD sequel, Wild Things 3 has decent production values, good Floridian cinematography and probably most importantly in a trashy thriller, attractive leads. High school rich kid, Marie doesn't get on with her Step-Father. This is strained when he contests the will of her late Mother, in particular some diamonds left to Marie. All hell breaks loose when Marie's Step-Father Jay (Brad Johnson) is arrested for the alleged rape of trailer trash, Elena (Sandra McCoy). What follows then are the twists and turns of an almost carbon copy of parts one and two. Elena and Marie are pursued by Detective Morrison (Linden Ashby, Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat) who really should know better as he was in the second movie. To be fair, the whole cast seem to be having the time of their lives, they sneer at the camera, they make some of the worst dialogue ever written seem almost convincing and best of all, we are treated to some fantastic over the top acting from the majority of the cast. Before anyone asks, the girl on girl action returns with a vengeance with at least four scenes.

    One must congratulate Sony on continuing to make entertaining sequels to their cinema hits. Starship Troopers 2 was excellent, the Jon Bon Jovi Vampires spin-off was fun and now, Wild Things 3 confirms no one makes a direct to DVD sequel like the Japanese giant. Well done.

    Oh yes, one more thing don't forget to watch the credits as the plot is explained fully along with another 'girly' scene.

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