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by AVForums Oct 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    White Chicks Review
    Shawn and Marlon Wayans play FBI agents assigned to protect the Wilson sisters, a shamelessly rich and somewhat stupid pair of socialites (based loosely on Paris and Nicky Hilton) who the FBI fear are going to be kidnapped soon. When the boys screw up their simple rich-bitch babysitting assignment they end up having to stand-in for the girls themselves which puts them into a whole new world of trouble. So disguised as the Wilson sisters (thanks to a make-up army that came from nowhere and disappeared just as quickly), our heroes enter a world of fashion shows, parties and expensive wining and dining. Early on the storyline relies quite heavily on the comedy of two rich white chicks acting like two black guys straight out of the hood (seeing a blond bend over, pull down her tights and declare in a gruff voice “kiss my black ass!” is something to be seen). Some of the gags you could see coming a mile away but happily the movie picks up pace gaining the hilarious Latrell Spencer (Terry Crews) your classic ripped and rich black athlete come sex-animal, who has more than just a crush on Tiffany. He spends the rest of the movie hunting after Tiffany getting into some very funny alpha-male situations with someone he doesn't realise is as equally equipped.... But, that's about as far as the comedy goes.

    The rest of the movie is hit and miss with dodgy heard-it-before lines and whole scenes lifted from better-known movies. The idea is sound and there are some proper laugh-out-loud moments, but this is all drowned by a sea of comedy that falls short of the mark and is dragged out far too long. A big complaint is the make-up. It was obviously fake, and even more obviously nothing like the two girls the brothers were meant to represent, yet in the movie it seemed they were instantly recognisable! As a viewer you adjust (or is ignore the better word here!), but you never could tell whether or not the make-up was for the viewer benefit and that in-fact we're playing lets pretend it looks real.

    So was it worth watching? Well not really, but there again it was good for a laugh when there is nothing better to do. While it never sticks together as a fully-fledged comedy movie, there are parts that are worth seeing in their own right. Personally though, I don't think I could put up with all the crap in between.

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