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Wet Wet Wet: Greatest Hits Review

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by Phil Hinton Dec 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    The Glasgow four-piece band that was Wet Wet Wet comprising Graeme Clark (bass/vocals), Neil Mitchell (keyboards), Tom Cunningham (drums) and Marti Pellow (vocals) are presented here in a music DVD featuring a compilation of their greatest hit singles, with accompanying videos. Dating from 1987 with Sweet Little Mystery, Angel Eyes and Temptation , through 1991 and Goodnight Girl, ending with a double helping of the classic 1994 release Love is All Around from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral.

    Quite why we have been treated with two inclusions of Love is All Around as a “Special Bonus” I'm not sure, but as this particular track stayed at number 1 in the British charts for fifteen weeks I guess it's not too unreasonable! All the hits are here plus a few that were, for me, a little less familiar.

    Full track listing
    • Wishing I Was Lucky
    • Sweet Little Mystery
    • Angel Eyes
    • Temptation
    • With A Little Help From My Friends
    • Sweet Surrender
    • Broke Away
    • Hold Back The River
    • Stay With Me Heartache
    • Make It Tonight
    • Put The Light On
    • Goodnight Girl
    • More Than Love
    • Lip Service
    • Shed A Tear
    • Love Is All Around (Movie Version)
    • Love Is All Around

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