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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Welcome to the Jungle Review
    Directed by Peter Berg, perhaps better known as Dr. Billy Kronk from TV hospital drama series Chicago Hope, The Rundown is a simple, yet highly effective, Action/buddy/comedy movie (note the capital “A” in Action) starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson - The Scorpian King) as retrieval expert Beck and Seann William Scott - American Pie(s), Evolution, Bulletproof Monk - as Travis Alfred Walker.

    Tired of being a bounty hunter Beck is persuaded by a $250,000 pay day to undertake one last “retrieval” and travels to Brazil to track his quarry, with the usual consequences - explosions, fight scenes and semi-slick one liners. With some fantastic scenery, a plethora of hard-hitting set pieces and a quip-a-minute type script I'm fairly surprised to say that I really enjoyed this action fest much more than I was expecting. Any movie able to boast Christopher Walken, Rosario Dawson and Governor of California himself Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose briefest appearance here seems to suggest a handing over of his crown to the undoubted new action maestro The Rock, should be expected to come up with the goods and The Rundown does exactly what it sets out to achieve. So switch on, switch off and get ready to be entertained by what the Rock is cooking - or something like that.

    The Rundown

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