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by AVForums Jul 25, 2007 at 12:00 AM

    Waiting... Review
    I remember when Porky's first hit my local cinema way back in 1983. I was a fresh faced 17 year old and I along with several of my friends, snuck into the newly adopted 18 Certificate movie( The old X-Certificate ceased a year earlier) with our pre-practiced deep voices and our pre-arranged dates of birth. Then on leaving the theatre afterwards we all felt as if we had finally become real men! Nudity, profanity, crude humour...Porky's had it all. It was the perfect movie for rebellious teens the world over. In fact, you could say it was the father (though not grandfather as that honour must lie with National Lampoon's Animal House back in 1978) to more recent movies such as American Pie, Road Trip, Van Wilder and this film, Waiting. All the movies in this family have the same surname....“Gross-Out”

    If you are easily offended by the almost constant use of profanity, crass humour centering exclusively on genitalia and other nauseating exhibitions of the absence of taste then Waiting will not be your cup of char. But if like me, you are someone who either hasn't quite let go of their youth, IS a youth or dare I say maybe a fan of Big Brother then you could possibly find something to make you quietly titter in this Unrated offering.

    Ryan Reynolds ( Van Wilder, Blade: Trinity, Just Friends) Justin Long ( Die Hard: 4.0, Herbie: Fully Loaded) and Anna Faris (Scary Movie series, Just Friends) play three pals who, along with several other fellow colleagues, are waiting tables in a small cosy restaurant named 'Shenaniganz'. “Cosy” that is from the outside! Once you see what goes on behind the scenes, you'll never want to eat out again! The staff have their own form of punishment for customers who are either rude or just bad tippers and lets just say it involves adding just that little something extra to their meals.

    But probably the funniest (in my view) storyline within the film is 'The Game' This is basically how all the male members of staff pass the day and it involves getting other male colleagues to inadvertently look at their exposed genitals. Should they do so, the 'exposer' then gets to call them a “fag” and is allowed to give them a swift boot up the backside. There are also different exposed positions which, depending on their difficulty, earn extra kicks. Positions such as 'The Goat' and 'The Bat Wing' spring to mind. This sub-plot is made all the better by the brilliant Luis Guzman (Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, Traffic, Out of Sight) who plays Raddimus, one of the chefs. He spends the entire movie trying to catch his co-workers out with one of his special moves.

    Besides this part of the movie, which is hilarious, the rest of the film is a little limp. There is no real plot to speak of. Justin Long's character, Dean has what is probably the closest to a storyline which sees him trying to decide what he really wants to do with his life. Does he want to be stuck in the restaurant all his career or do something more? Monty ( Ryan Reynolds) just wants to bed every girl he sees very much in the same mould as the character 'Stickler', seen in American Pie and the rest of the film is just filled with set pieces and gags. Surprisingly though is a complete absence of nudity unless you consider artificial genitals 'nudity'?

    Waiting is the brainchild of Director Rob McKittrick who used to wait tables himself. This is his directional debut and he does a reasonable job with it too. This is no American Pie though and has that 'straight to video' feel about it. The majority of the humour besides that mentioned above rarely made me laugh out loud, rather just chuckle and I found the constant use of the 'F' word grating after a short while. But having seen this movie before on standard DVD a year or so ago, I found it reasonably entertaining in places. You'll know if this is the kind of thing that you'll enjoy or the kind of thing you'd usually avoid. If Gross-Out movies are your bag, then this may be worth an audition, if not then my advice is to stay well, well clear!!

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