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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    Presented in widescreen, this transfer isn't particularly stunning on any level. It's a documentary, which you'd expect to see on a satellite channel and as such the picture shows this only too well. It does suffer from halos, but not terribly so and the colours are fine. The worst part is clearly the source material and abysmal compression, as blocking and dot-crawl was noticeable. I don't wish to sound overly harsh, as it is perfectly adequate for the material, however judged on it's own merits against other DVD's, this isn't a disk that will convince people of the formats strengths. Still, as stated, it's adequate. Note - the review disk did not have the anamorphic flagged sadly.
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    Presented in Stereo, this again isn't going to set new benchmarks and as per the picture, there's nothing particular impressive. It's adequate, with the sound being clear and not suffering from hiss, but there's nothing to be enthusiastic over. The only positive thing about this is the music, which is as good as it ever was.
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    The review disk supplied did not come with extras, but I am informed that there is an Interview with Mick Jones, as well as a 32 page booklet.
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    For people who grew up on The Clash, this will no doubt be of interest. While it doesn't give as deep an insight into Strummer's life, it does show enough for the uninitiated why this individual is highly regarded and pivotal in the sound of punk music. For my money I'd rather hear The Clash over The Sex Pistols as they were more innovative, but that's another topic entirely. Watch this with fond memories of what was truly a revolution in music.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.99

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