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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Vampires Review
    This 1998 film, directed by John Carpenter, found much derision from the general public and critics alike. Even die-hard Carpenter fans (like myself) would wonder as to the validity of this Superbit re-release, given that a lack of extras aside the original release offered high a standard in audio and visual quality.James Woods and Daniel Baldwin take the leads as members of a Vampire slaying squad. When all the other members of the squad are slaughtered by a kingpin Vampire (Valek), they set out on a desperate mission. They must stop Valek, who is one step away from his centuries old quest to obtain the ability to walk in daylight, and bring about the demise of mankind. I certainly wasn't overly enamoured with this, and along with other misses such as Ghosts of Mars (which I actually preferred!) this very much lends to the general feeling that JC has lost his way. It just doesn't hang well! Despite the presence of the usually reliable James Woods, the characterisation along with the plot is just one- dimensional. Being wholly unremarkable and adding nothing at all to the Vampire genre this will most likely be “appreciated” by the ardent JC fans amongst you.

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