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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Unleashed DVD Review
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    Unleashed is presented very nicely with a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer and a muted, gritty palette that helps keep this feeling “street” and emphasises the Britishness of it. I could see no technical issues with this image other than the overall image lacked a bit of contrast so the blacks were slightly greyer than they could have been. This is only being picky though and the image was generally superb.
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    The soundtrack for Unleashed is dynamic to say the least - this has some of the most in your face audio I've heard in a long while. The rears are used to great effect and thankfully are active for almost every second of the movie - finally a disc to make you feel like those speakers on the wall behind you were worth it! This is a soundtrack that begs to be played loud - the rears and the LFE channel are bordering on the overpowering and if you don't have the volume at a decent level, the front channels can become less prominent. I was concerned at first that perhaps the disc was not mixed correctly so I recalibrated my system just to make sure - I do still think the LFE and rears are a tad louder than they need to be in relation to the front three channels on this disc but it's also probably because I'm just not used to hearing a movie make such use of them as well!!
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    This release has a reasonable mixture of extras. First up we have “Making of FX” (2m8s) - this is a sequence showing the build up of one CGI shot that is used near the end of the movie. There is no explanation, it is just the CGI shot moving from wire-frame to final rendered version in real-time.

    Next up there is a French trailer before a Gag-reel (3m28s) which is mostly Li making visual mistakes, but nothing particularly funny. “Complete Scenes” (10m12s) is a nice little extra - this shows one of the major fight sequences from the movie in it's virgin state (i.e. with wires still in place). There are no sound effects only the musical score but this shows exactly how these scenes are choreographed and how skilful the actors are in performing their moves.

    There are then two deleted scenes (2m36s), but these are not particularly worthwhile. One sees Danny talking with Sam and the other is another short fight sequence that was left from the final cut.

    The best feature on this disc is undoubtedly the “Making Of Unleashed” (36m25s) which has plenty of behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast and features on all the aspects of the movie. It is one of the most enjoyable making of's I've seen as rather than just being a PR vehicle it actually allows the film makers to explain why they did what they did.p>There is also a music video by RZA entitled “Baby Boy” (3m5s)
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    Unleashed is a nice attempt to mesh martial arts, drama and gangsters. It may not have worked had different actors played the roles but with Li, Hoskins and Freeman you can be pretty sure your going to get something worth watching. In being a jack of all trades it may have lost some of its impact but I liked it nonetheless. The DVD doesn't let it down - good visuals, fantastic audio and a reasonable set of extras make this a package worthy of your attention.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.99

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