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The end result is pure apathy

by Simon Crust May 31, 2017 at 3:24 PM

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    Underworld Blood Wars Review
    Yes, there is another Underworld film! Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth in the burgeoning franchise that only seems to exist so that producer Len Wiseman can employ his wife. In this latest instalment the vampires and the lycans are at war, Selene is an outcast wanted by both sides, her daughter is in hiding so that her precious blood cannot be used as a weapon, there are power struggles within the vampire covens, illicit relationships between lycans and vampire are outlawed and a new charismatic lycan leader is inciting his pack to wipe out their former masters for good. Seem familiar? That’s because Blood Wars, save the introduction of a Nordic Coven (dressed in white!), has nothing new to add and simply recycles all previous ideas and plot points from earlier films – it even starts off with a 2 minute ‘story so far’ montage reminding you of better times. Taking the directing reigns, for the first time in a feature role, is Anna Foerster and she keeps all the staples that the series is known for.

    There are plenty of black leather-bound vampires, scruffy werewolves, frantic over-the-top fight scenes, relentless pacing, predictable twists and a stylised pallet synonymous with the franchise. Severely lacking this time around is any form of character development (unless you count Selene’s hair colour) or empathy with any of the protagonist's plight; as such there is no emotional involvement, so no matter how many battles there are, who backstabs who or sacrifices themselves the end result is pure apathy because no-one cares about the outcome – how boring is it to watch two immortal creatures beat each other! Indeed the whole is little more than a DTV with meaningless, trite and derivative dialogue and no plot save the obvious. No one disputes it caters for its own fanbase by harking back to earlier films in both narrative and design terms; but outside of this there is little to no appeal and certainly none to the casual viewer. I loved the first two films, but this one is a step too far - and there is another instalment to come!

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