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by AVForums Feb 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM

    Ultraviolet Review
    Ultraviolet. There's not a huge amount one can say about it - it's been said already, but just in case you have no idea about the movie, or indeed how bad it is, here we go again!

    The human population has been blitzed due to biological warfare research gone wrong. Instead of creating super-soldiers, they created vampires, or rather Hemophages. The result is a war between humans and hemophages, where in the middle stands Violet, a hemophage who ends up being a bodyguard to a human boy. This is no ordinary boy though, he's a cure and a curse - but which one and to whom?

    OK, what's good about this movie? Well, it has Milla Jovovich in it, who can't act but is damn easy on the eye. End of list. How should I have known it was going to be bad? Written and Directed by Kurt Wimmer, responsible for the absolute awfulness that was Equilibrium. I suppose if you took out all the slow parts of Equilibrium (which leaves about 6 minutes) and then multiply that 15 times, you get Ultraviolet - a frantic, kinetic movie that just throws action at you relentlessly, then after 30 minutes realizes that it should actually have a plot, gives it to you on a postage stamp and then starts again with action sequences again. The problem is, it's all rather unsatisfying - well except for Milla in leather. We don't care about anything or anyone during the movie - we just see a huge bodycount. And if that's all you care about - albeit a relatively bloodless body count - then you'll like this. However if you have more than two actively firing neurons, you'll give it a miss.

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