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by AVForums Feb 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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    Ultraviolet Blu-ray Review
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    The problem with the movie in terms of image quality is that it deliberately uses a slightly soft filter to give it a comic book-esque look, which removes some of the detail, especially noticeable in the standard DVD edition. The Blu-ray edition is however, much more detailed in comparison, with textures looking amazing - for example the cemetery scene shows great detail in the headstones and the ground, but Milla still looks soft due to the filter. In closeup, the filter doesn't work quite as well - you can see skin pits in Bright's face as well as Milla's, which still shows the improvement of detail from the SD edition.

    Colours are bright throughout this movie, indeed it can be quite lurid in places with its bright yellow, violets and reds. However it is a good showcase for image quality due to its razor sharpness and detail in places, although the CGI still looks as ropey as ever.

    Ultraviolet Picture


    With the uncompressed soundtrack, we have a very loud, bombastic experience here. Bass is excellent throughout with all speakers engaged due to the kinetic action occurring on screen. Dialogue is natural sounding, even if it isn't particular exciting to listen to, and the music score is suitably rousing. Again, this is a good demo title, but nothing else.

    Ultraviolet Sound


    We have a commentary with Milla Jovovich (yawn), a making of featurette (double yawn) and a few deleted scenes (thank god, it would have made the movie longer). We also have a couple of trailers for movies of the same ilk (i.e. god awful) in the shape of xXx and Stealth.

    Ultraviolet Extras


    Awful movie, good picture and good soundtrack makes this nothing more than a demo disk than cinematic experience. It gets a bonus point for Milla looking hot though, but that's the best and nicest thing I can say about this turkey.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.99

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