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by AVForums Jun 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

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    Image quality ranges from excellent - with sweat, pores and maturing skin being shown in detail - to out of focus and “artistically” soft-looking, especially when the roving hand-held cameras take over main filming tasks. Pretty typical live concert quality, then, with intensely bright spotlights giving way to deep, dark shadows where video noise does sometimes become apparent, but is never overly intrusive. For the most part image quality is reasonably sharp and detailed.
    Ub40: Home Grown In Holland - Live Picture


    With straight stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 (448Kbps) and DTS (754Kbps) tracks we're pretty spoiled for choice here and with warm, rich tones on offer you will be rewarded with a relaxing taste of UB40 at their very best. Compared with the stereo track the Dolby and DTS efforts both open out the soundstage and have a more dynamic, crisp sound. Interestingly, I found that the Dolby Digital track was a little more controlled than the DTS offering - especially in the bass department, where switching to Dolby Digital from DTS showed subtle, but clear, benefits with the Dolby track being just a tad more integrated and natural sounding. Rear speakers have little to do, but fill in nicely when required - overall what we have here is a little front soundstage heavy, but clear and vibrant sounding... I've never felt quite so chilled out whilst listening to music at such high volume!
    Ub40: Home Grown In Holland - Live Sound


    Extras wise things become a little lean. At just 3 minutes and 47 seconds long UB40 On The Road is a succinct look at the lads sharing some of their on the road stories. There's a live video of the band performing Rugby World Cup anthem Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, followed by interviews with a few of the rugby players.

    Certainly not a case of quantity over quality here, then. In fact “padding” probably best describes most of these supplemental features - there is a saving grace however... turn on UB40 Song By Song, then play the concert and a leaf, of some plant or other, appears on screen - Matrix and the White Rabbit style. Click on this “chill” leaf and you are taken to a short introduction to each song. Definitely the pick of the extra features for me.
    Ub40: Home Grown In Holland - Live Extras


    If you're a UB40 fan Home Grown In Holland may very well have already found its way into your collection. And even if you're not a fan there's a lot here, extras aside, to be enjoyed and my maturing palette appreciated the band's up to date sound as well as their laid back style. Recommended.
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