Two Weeks Notice Review

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by Phil Hinton Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Two Weeks Notice Review
    First time director Marc Lawrence gives us a modern take on the romantic comedy genre, but offers us nothing new in the process. Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock star as complete opposites, Grant is the Billionaire Property tycoon George Wade, Bullock the tree hugging lawyer Lucy Kelson. They meet when Lucy approaches George in an attempt to stop him bulldozing her community centre, intrigued by her boldness and obvious legal vigour; he hires Lucy as the company Solicitor. Their professional relationship blossoms as George begins to depend on Lucy for everything, but everything is starting to get too much for her, and leaving her friends wedding mid ceremony, to choose a tie for George is the last straw, Lucy hands in her two weeks notice. At this George begins to look for a replacement, but he soon realises Nobody can replace Lucy, and with the help of Cupid, he has other plans for her.
    As Romantic Comedies go, this one is very funny indeed. We have seen this style of movie done a million times before in differing guises, but the chemistry between Grant and Bullock, and the hilarious script by Lawrence, makes this very watchable indeed. Don't get me wrong this movie will win no prizes, but as light entertainment, it fits the bill nicely.

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