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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Twisted Review
    Jessica Shepherd (Judd) is a police officer, whom after both her parents were killed, has been raised by John Mills (Jackson) who has also acted as her mentor. After single-handedly taking down and capturing a serial killer/rapist, she is promoted to Detective Inspector in the homicide department and gains a new partner in Mike Delmarco (Garcia), whom she met on the celebration of her promotion but she was unaware of whom he was at the time. As she seems incapable of having a proper relationship, she is rather partial to one-night stands, which is all ok until her lovers start being killed one by one. The killings all start as she begins to experience blackouts, due to alcohol consumption and pretty soon, she starts to question if she is indeed the killer.Sounds like a promising thriller, right? Well it could have been but there's obviously a problem here and my opinion would be that there are primarily two faults. One - The Script. It is very clichéd and very typical of the genre and the other thrillers Hollywood has churned out. Not only is it not fresh, but we have to buy into it and this is where it flounders. We are supposed to believe that Judd's character is obviously intelligent; after all she is an Inspector for starters. We also note that she blacks out after drinking, particularly a bottle of red wine - so why not stop drinking it? It's the most obvious thing as she knows she's blacking out, so eliminate the problem. As for the identity of the killer, it's pretty much flagged up in the first 10 minutes or so, but then again so was The Sixth Sense twist to me, so maybe it's not as obvious to some people.Two - The Cast. As actors go, the cast if fine, but Jackson is seriously underused and seems to be on auto-pilot. Garcia is fine although this wouldn't be in his top 20 performances and again appears to be just coasting through the movie. The biggest problem is Judd who is totally miscast. I couldn't buy the fact she was a “hard-ass cop” before I watched the movie and after it, I can honestly say she should never, ever try to portray a police officer again. She is simply not convincing on any level, from intelligence to intensity, she just cannot come across, to my eyes, as a strong female police officer, which means that as the central character all focus is on her and if you can't relate or believe, the magic of movies fails. Overall, this film is decidedly average, with poor portrayals from otherwise fine actors and the poor script being the main problems. For a thriller, these are the worst things it can have going against it and I can't help but think that with better plotting and the cast being utilised better (and Judd just not being in it) this could have been better. Alas both these things haven't happened and as such, this movie is sadly poor.

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