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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Tru Calling DVD Review
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    Complete with a widescreen anamorphic transfer, for a TV show this is really good - maybe it's because they hardly screened the show, but it's free of dust and scratches and only has the slightest hint of grain (due to the format I'd assume). Colours are bright and vivid (for instance the bright red dress worn in the beauty pageant) and I didn't notice any bleeding during these scenes either. Blacks are dark also, which is a good thing, as some of the episodes feature night scenes heavily. Overall, for a TV show, it's quite impressive.
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    Well although the soundtrack is supposed to be 2.0 (stereo), this automatically decoded to Pro-Logic and it's actually worth keeping it in that format. The mono surrounds work well for ambient music with the dialogue channel being clear and crisp, without being overpowered by the left/right channels. Speaking of which, they prove to be very well done, with music being again atmospheric and not overpowering at any point. It's not an exceptional mix, but it works effectively for the material.
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    Sadly I only received half of the disks for review (I have Season 1 US version), so I can't comment on the extras present in the UK version. If they are the same as the US versions, they are interesting enough but not exceptional. I would however assume that the season 2 episodes carry extras I've not seen (sadly I didn't receive the Season 2 episodes)
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    A very good TV show that suffered from poor management from the network as well as introducing plot elements too late in the show, but don't let that completely put you off. This is certainly a lot more entertaining than the majority of shows out there and was definitely cancelled well before it's time. Worth a dip in my opinion.
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