Treasure Planet Review

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by Phil Hinton May 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Treasure Planet Review
    Again Disney give us a modern take, on a classic story. Treasure Planet is an unusual mixture of Sci-Fi and the tale of Treasure Island, and to a certain degree it works. We meet the old characters of Jim Hawkins, and John Silver the Pirate, as well as an array of odd looking aliens. As in the classic story, Jim finds a map which will lead them to the Treasure, and the pirates disguise themselves as ship crew for the chartered journey. The idea of having long ships as space travelling vehicles should not work, but you believe this as the story takes us on a beautifully animated trip into the rather colourful universe, in search of Treasure Planet.
    Directed by the same talent that brought us Aladdin, I can’t help but feel the story is not as fulfilling as it should be. For a Disney tale, there is a lack of real humour, and it takes itself rather too seriously. We get some light comic relief when we are introduced to B.E.N. the robot, but this is three quarters of the way through the movie, and a little late in the day. The Kids will love it however, and you may want to watch with them first time through, as some scenes may give them a little scare. It is not a bad take on the classic tale, and is rather enjoyable for adults, but there just seems to be some of the magic missing.

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